Cyclic Deck Templates

Using RedKite’s tutorial and lua templates, I made a CVW-5 template for Forrestal as a stand-in for Independence.

The .miz file runs the lua scripts as a 1+00 cycle:
Mission start: Launch
+00:15:00: Flex
+00:30:00: Flex Alternate (for AI)
+00:60:00: Recovery

Luas for the four decks also attached, so you can add them to any mission of your choice (make sure the deck is clear and you set the shipID in the Triggers).

CVW-5 Liveries
FA-18C (OLD) CVW-5 Livery Pack NOT Lot20 Hornets!
E-2D Livery Pack
S-3B Livery Pack
VF-154 Liveries if you don’t want defaults

Client Spawns
Launch: Sixpac, Elev1, Elev3; Total 8
Flex: Sixpac, Elev2; Total 6
Flex Alternate: Sixpac (only 2), Elev1; Total 4

AI Spawns
Launch: Sixpac (only 2), Elev1, Elev3; Total 6
Flex: Runway start only; Cat2 blocked
Flex Alternate: Sixpac (only 2), Elev1; Total 4

AI will ghost through a couple of the statics but otherwise work. I’ve noticed the aft two Sixpac spawns get jammed up, so every AI after the first two jets should be spawned with a time delay.

CV-62 Deck (30.9 KB)
Updated 08NOV
-3 aircraft not spawning from Launch lua FIXED
-1 aircraft not spawning from FlexAI lua FIXED


CV 59 (CVW 6) Deck Template Released

Files included

-LUA files for three deck states

-Miz templates for Caucasus, Marianas, Persian Gulf, and Syria with triggers set for two 1+00 (esque) cycles:

  +00:00: Launch state (Event 1)

  +00:15: Flex state

  +01:00: Launch state (Event 2)

  +01:15: Recovery state

  +01:30: Flex state

  +02:00: Recovery state

Required mods (click for download)


Required Liveries (click for download)

VF-31 by Reflected ; A-6A Skin Pack by Tomcatter87 ; VAQ-132 by Tomcatter87 ; S-3B Skinpack by uscstaylor

CV 59 (75.3 KB)

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