nobody can use it

Always a delicate balance when I’m doing anything and Kai is peeking over my shoulder (or in this case, sitting on my lap). So I’m doing some screen grabs for my next PC Pilot article on the DCS MiG-21 and the process entails using some S-5 rockets against a bunker. So he is sitting on my lap and asking me what I’m doing.

Me: “Shooting fireworks at that building…”

Him: “Why?”

Me: “Uh…just want to see if I can blow it up…”

My rockets hit…and blow up, but the bunker doesn’t blow up…

Him: “Well, if you blow it up…then nobody can use it Daddy…”

Me: hit pause key - “Hey…let’s go take a bath…”




Well. I hope during the bath you explained that there was good cause for you to believe that the bunker contained WMDs, and that you were trying to stop the people that owned that bunker from attacking your bunkers with those WMDs :wink:

I’d have to go with - “there were evil robots in that bunker that wanted to come to our house and take your Gummy Bears…” Then he’d of been like “nuke that sonofabitch Daddy!”


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Hey, whatever gets you the backing of congress :wink: