Dale Earnhardt jr. Citation goes off the RWY

I haven’t kept up with racing much in general in a long time (no premium cable channels), but I’m definitely more of an F1 fan.

Part of my dislike for NASCAR is it just strikes me as being superfluous any more, and the cars are all dinosaurs, technologically speaking. Plus, turning left all day at mostly wide open throttle in 4th gear? No thanks.

F1 is bleeding edge, and that boils down into production cars in exciting and encouraging ways. Innovation leads to improvement, which in my opinion is what racing is supposed to be about.

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I understand that what happened won’t be known for sure for quite some time. What I liked about your post is everything you pointed out that had not even crossed my mind since I am and always have been just the passenger or cargo. I always think of runways as being straight and level but when I see pictures or videos of all the terrain changes that the pilot is forced to contend with at several airports I am even more amazed that there aren’t more incidents.

Just glad the only thing being written off this time is the plane.