Damn you @BeachAV8R (comedy)

Now you done it.
I don’t know how you did it but you managed to get me Rick Rolled once more.*

I swear to God as my dish was brought to me at the restaurant that song started.
Since you’re my main source of RickRoll I know it must haave been you.

I admit defeat. You win- just stop. Please.

  • for thise who might not know it- I fell victim a LOT for @BeachAV8R clickbait - RickRoll links.
    But I always took it with a smile, obviously. And plotting my revenge. OBVIOUSLY!

Anyway, here’s something I never do- a picture of my food…


That looks delicious… We have an awesome garden at our place - here is a picture of my wife (in her bikini) picking peppers: HERE!


HAHAHHAHAH I fell many times and many time will again. But today is not that day.

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Oh… and by the way- that’s a ‘salad’ of steamed potatoes and octopus.
That was the absolute best. Incredible.

Hmm…well…what does everyone else think of that link?


And tomatoes…


I give you that- you’re really trying your best. If you could see me I’m actually having some really good laughter! :smiley: Thank you. I needed that.

But I’m still not clicking ANY of those.

Ah yes, it’s 2007 again. What a time to be alive!

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Nice peppers