Dangerous Waters on Windows 10

For those that might not have revisited Dangerous Waters in the past few years, and you find yourself trying to get it working with Windows 10…this is a really nice video on how to get it up and running. Using other methods didn’t work specifically for my new laptop…but this one did (using DxWnd) and everything appears to be working normally. Great video that is really easy to follow and quick to get Dangerous Waters working:


Huh, I think I just installed it off the CD and ran it in compatibility mode. Runs just fine that way.

I think it depends on what kind of onboard GPU you have. My laptop has an Intel GPU and and NVidia MX150. For some reason, Dangerous Waters can’t use the NVidia, and it doesn’t particularly like the Intel one. The result of that is that without using DxWnd, my mouse cursor does not show up (even if I go into the ini file and make some recommended changes). This was a good workaround.