Dayz aka ARMA

Does anyone play this here? on the face of it, a big sandbox with some online play too.

I have everything for ARMA III, inc upcoming Contact module … problem is, and its from same company, none of the controls i know from ARMA III seem to translate to Dayz … shrugs?

For whatever reason I’ve started out in night mode, found a flare and wandered about in a Forrest a bit … quite atmospheric I suppose, owls hooting ETC … found a big tower for comms i think, climbed up to top and tried to put the flare out, but cant (might need it later) then thought, oh well, almost pitch black, perhaps I can sleep, but damned if i can figure out how.

I’m less than 2 hrs in game, could ask for a refund, but like the concept if it can work.

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me and my brother bought it when it was early alpha, we stopped playing when persistent loot was launched because groups would loot the maps and hide everything in ome spot and defend it.

you die almost everytime cause theres nothing in the maim spawn areas.

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I have 400 hrs in standalone. Its horrible compared to arma. Your better off downloading the overpoch or exile mod for arma 3 and just having actual fun. Standalone really doesn’t hold a candle to it

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Played the mod years ago and then bought the standalone when it was in alpha and it steadily went downhill IMO. The zombies/infected became less and less as more problems arose and it just became a battle royale on an Arma map. Haven’t played it in a long time though so could be totally different now.


Thanks for feedback, am actually fairly patient for stuff like this and love games where your own mind is the atmosphere … not instant action I suppose?

So I fired it up again this morning but upon installing it on my second game PC … LO and behold it supports Steam Cloud saves, but this time I was still in same tower I’d left off last time in pitch black, but in daylight now and had a look around … had read this game did not support real time, real world daylight night time cycle, upon a few days later save test … awoke to find myself in broad daylight so maybe it does now?

Had found a good look around from the tower I’d found in night time, a sort of safe place to stay for a while, but am now thinking it might be a good strategy to do in this world … I’d been walking around in pitch black for ages before with just a flare, but upon finding the tower, thought I’d climb it for safety … had the headphones on in darkened room, was feeling quite spooked wandering around alone, the sounds in the woods are very well done, Owls hooting, moving shadows in the darkness … you get the feeling somethings going on and you don’t quite know what … it implores you to keep exploring and find somewhere safe until daylight at least … very atmospheric.

Anyone who has seen original Blair Witch Project movie will know what I mean.

Very cool, and Yep, was so surprised to see on next save I had been wandering about in pitch black but upon the dawn of light saw how close I was to a very big settlement and town, scanned around and the scenery looked amazing … could hear some distant explosions and realised this was probably from real players and if I wanted some action, then that’s where I should be headed in my adventure in DayZ land.

Not for instant gratification shoot players I guess (and thats fun too) but for exploring and occasionally finding real people, good fun too I guess.

Not encountered any Zombies or suchlike yet, but am scanning around for anything at all to help me survive in this adventure.

Love the Modern Zombie movies too :slight_smile:

This 28 days later Loneliness and bewilderment Movie scene is exactly the same feeling I’ve found upon starting DayZ

Gamers looking for more traditional shooters should look elsewhere, its not that type of thing.


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I loved the alpha too in the beggining but the multiple bugs made me stop playing it.

Anyone play through The Last of Us?

I’m far too emotional for that…

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I’m part way through it, it’s very good but it freaks me out so it’ll probably take me years lol

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