DCS 1.2.16 Update 2

Out of beta :beers: (man, that ‘beers’ icon is bad…)

Public release update to ver.

DCS 1.2.16 Update 2 - Changelog

DCS World
Briefing pictures added to some German missions.
Wingman incorrectly performs radio command ‘Go to Route’ - fixed.
Added missing pictures for S-125 SNR and P-19 radar in Encyclopedia for RU localization.
Helicopter AI shooting on ground targets - fixed
Added Su-25T missions for FR localization.
FPS loss when cluster bombs use - fixed.
Some documentation updated - corrected ReadME files, deleted outdated changelogs.

DCS Fw 190 D-9
Updated RU Flight Manual.
Propeller’s blade twist tuned.

DCS MiG-15bis
Black line coming out of mig-15 cockpit in f2 view removed.
Corrected fuel transfer speed from external tanks.
Single missions added

Removed the light spots on ground when taxi/landing lights disabled.
Airstart initial trimmer position tuned.

Source: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=140468

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  • FPS loss when cluster bombs use - fixed.

Define fixed?
I feel like it is going to be a slight FPS increase

I haven’t had a chance to try it yet… It was my understanding that CBUs caused crippling FPS hits prior to the patch…so even if there is only a slight dip in FPS that would be preferable to the absolute slideshow that many were reporting. I’ll be curious if people have found it better… I just looked through the DCS Forums but didn’t see any specific mention of people’s experiences with CBUs after the patch…


Bang on the money, just tested this out there and found that my fps was dropping much much less now with dropping 1 CBU-87, I even dropped 6 of them and found that frame drop was surprisingly less than what I expected “might be even less than 1 of the old CBU’s”. I’m not sure but I think they have changed the particle effects of the CBU.

Wonder how particle effects will work in DCS World 2 / EDGE… Hopefully a big improvement…

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well according to Wags, well know by end of June? I have my Fingers crossed!

Well no firm date has been give, so just know if could be before or after the end of June as well…