DCS 1.5 BETA hotfix #2 Released

Hotfix #2

DCS World
Runway takeoff and landing direction fixed.
Removed obsolete DCS Multiplayer shortcuts.
Encyclopedia entries corrected.
Fog/mist/rain effect no longer clips inside cockpit.
Cloud lighting at the night corrected.
BetAB-500ShP crash fixed.
Flat shadows corrected.
Incorrect behavior of AI when performing a radio command Hold position is fixed.
Transmit Message Subtitle will no longer disappear immediately.
Missing civilian road traffic restored.
Fixed default aspect ratio in the 1280x768 display resolutions options.
Missing static ships are restored.

Fixed issue with countermeasures that have no impact on missile tracking.
Corrected crank maneuver of AI fighters after missile launch. AIs will no longer perform a crank when in visual range and close combat.

Server list sorting is fixed.
Multiplayer interface will no longer appear if take control in multiplayer track.
Slot (Role) list will not shift when a user chooses role after scrolling.
Game will no longer crash if a user attempts to spawn into a module they do not have installed.

Fixed crash with radio command ‘flight check-in’.

Incorrect position of cargo when flying over water is fixed.
Fixed bug where guns disappear, when ammo is depleted.
Fixed bug in which the helicopter couldn’t unhook cargo.
Auto-start procedure will no longer change pilot view.

Corrected LODs.
Missing flight engineer 3D model restored in the cockpit.

Right taxi light will lit on net phantom.
PRMG KRM Antenna Parameters: RSBN min signal corrected.
PRMG GRM antenna parameters: RSBN signal sensitivity corrected.
Turning on smokes by single press of gun trigger (not twice).
Corrected tooltips in the cockpit.
Radar altimeter key commands restored.

Fw 190 D-9
Russian Fw-190 training missions added.
Bomb Delay fuse will work now.

Russian instant action missions added.
ARC-5 tuning.

Combined Arms
Fixed bug that caused crash in IR view.
“Stuck” Health Bars is fixed.

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Cool. I tried out the ability to fly as a non-flight leader in a mission and much hilarity ensued from me heading to one end of the runway (that I always headed for) while the other three headed for the opposite. Exciting start. :smile:


The MiG-21bis waist gunners are gone, too.

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I lost an activation when installing DCS 1.5 Beta for some reason for MiG-21? all other Aircraft were fine and I own 98% of them.

I had some weird issues with my MiG-21bis installation as well. None of the online fixes worked for me - I had to go into my registry and delete all folders that mentioned MiG-21bis. Once I did that, the product installed and activated fine. I lost an activation, but I still have plenty to spare and they grow back, too.