DCS 1.5 Unhiding enemy routes - mission builder and two different key assignments issue

I have created a radar training mission and put in 1 flight of F15 and two flights of Russian fighters. I have clicked on the Hide on Map button for the Russian fighters so the routes disappear from view.

However, now I want to edit it but I cannot bring them back up on the map. I don’t see the route on the map, so I can’t click or uncheck the hide button for the Russian flight route. How do you do make them reappear on the map.

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Go to the button on the left side that shows a list of all units. Find the ones you want and click on the “HIDDEN” field. They will reappear.

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One more perplexing question

I noticed in the key assignments, there is two commands.
For example, for The RWS/TWS Mode select, I have two commands. Ralt + l and 5. I only want to assign 5 to this.
When I drill into the command line, the key button field is blank and the reset button is un-clickable.

I am pretty sure that my setup just uses one button to swap between the two functions. Not sure a “command-line” though. I have never dove that deep.

Entering a new character(s) I thought would replace whatever exiting character(s) was there. But apparently I now have two different characters in one command so my HOTAS doesn’t execute when I press the button as it is confused. If I press the the keyboard character(s), it also doesn’t execute as it seems to be confused as to which character(s) it is suppose to execute on.

I don’t really want to reset the all the key bindings as I have several that I use that is not standard, but easier to use with my HOTAS or keyboard from habit and memory.