DCS 2.0 OBJECT Placement

Does anyone here have any DCS mission planning experience? I am wondering about object import, and then placement into the Nevada map. Could a small civilian airport be saved as a single object, then placed in its real world location using the mission editor? -Woog

Long story short: no.

Long story long: yes, but still pretty much no. You can obviously create objects for DCS. But it requires they be created in a modelling program like 3ds Max, be given proper LODs and textures, and then converted into .edm format and added to the game. It’s doable, it’s just not easy, simple, or quick for anyone who’s not a professional.

Nicely done ED. When the civilian flight simmers want to import their stuff into your military flight sim map, you know you have done a good job.

edit: I was thinking about how I wrote this and I didn’t mean to imply that Woogey was one kind of simmer over another. I meant to say that when civilian objects are requested for a military map, you know it’s a good work. There, I feel better.

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Hehe, I am 90% a Mil-Sim guy. I am just one of those types that likes to recreate and build my virtual world as close to reality as possible. As I fly around the map and see blurry imagery only airfields, something calls to me, detail that out. On the other side of the token, yes ED has done such a marvelous job detailing the Civilian portions of the map, one could easily imagine other uses besides combat training. Police, News, Life-Flight, Sight Seeing, etc are all possibilities. I have driven and/or flown to every city encompassed by this map in real life. What ED has done, is to transform the DCS platform into a whole different animal altogether. Being able to navigate VFR to places that I recognize, is a game changer…literally. -Woog

EDIT: By blurry I don’t mean to down rate what E.D. has accomplished. I am of course referring to areas of the map that are towards the outer edges. Make no mistake, these are blurry by design, a factor that I accept as the focus is Combat Flight in the Center of the map.