DCS 2.5 Saving changes to campaign mission editors

Hello all,

So I’ve gotten to be relatively proficient at flying the SU-25T and engaging ground targets (but only 50% with free fall bombs and 25% with guns LOL)

I’ve downloaded the Georgian Oil Campaign and am having a blast with it. BUT, the default loadouts & routing doesn’t suit my tactics. So every time I launch a mission, I have to go to the mission editor to make changes to my payloads and routes. I can’t seem to find a way to save these changes so that if I crash out and come back to the same mission the next day, I don’t have to go through the entire config again.

Is there such a function for editing and saving these configs for each mission within a campaign?


Do you start in the air or on the ground? The only way I can think of is via the mission planner which I’m assuming you’re referring to as the editor. The campaign system isn’t very flexible in this regard.

Ah, yes the mission planner. My bad.

The campaigns start me on the runway, just gotta take off.

So I figured that I can create new profiles for my preferred load outs. So that is solved. But the way points, I still have to manually adjust each time.

For the FC3 planes, I’ve always seen waypoints as general guidelines rather than absolute; unfortunately, the only way to edit these waypoints is via the planner. For the higher fidelity modules you can move waypoints around in the sim, but that still doesn’t fundamentally change your problem.

DCS is built around the idea of thorough mission planning and after action reviews, so making a changed plan and not saving it is par for the course.


Single missions and campaigns that are from DCS are typically locked down such that their design is not available in the DCS Mission Editor.

Yups, so I’ve been flying the SU-25T and have to manually adjust my flight routing each time to try to find an approach that works. Sometimes the default makes you fly straight through SAM sites. It’s not that bad for the Georgian Oil Campaign cos the flights are short but there is another campaign I started where the first mission is a real long re-positioning flight and I’d love to be able to just turn on my autopilot.

@WreckingCrew, my bad, was referring to the mission planner.