DCS 2.5 Update Thread




(rolls around on the floor sobbing in fetal position, stands up, fixes bow-tie and then resumes normal life like an adult)




Hey everyone,

I wanted to express my personal apologies for not being able to get the new Hornet features to you next week as originally planned. My foot tastes great thanks! Even a couple of days ago, a hot fix was looking good for 31 October, but in just the past 48 hours we’ve come across too many issues that would bring far more pain than joy if we released those features next week without needed testing. They really need another week in the oven.

Although sincere at the time, I’m sorry for want turned out to be a misleading statement.




d’aww… oh well. It’s not like the thing is completely unplayable. Deadlines and promises of a temporal nature are tricky when it comes to engineering. It’s not like they are assembling IKEA kits.



Oh cmon, this update once again killed my controller profiles.


People can complain about ED’s communication and community interaction all they want, but Matt is handling things the right way. Stuff happens.

I haven’t had a lot of time to fly anyway so I don’t really have a dog in the fight right now.


To be honest, the next Bug update is really just incremental rather than revolutionary. The roles I’d like to see open up are SEAD/DEAD and anti-shipping, both of which are a ways off (well, HARM might be closer but I’m still predicting mid-December at the earliest for that). I do enjoy the Bug a lot, but I think the F-14 will likely absorb a lot more of my flight time just due to the fact it’s going to bring more to the table initially. When the Bug matures more, that will probably change.

As it stands, I spend a lot of time in the Harrier just because it acts as a pocket light strike aircraft better than the Bug right now.


Wags has put that commentary on a video talking about the Dynamic Campaign

The dynamic campaign for DCS World is in VERY active development . The campaign will be real-time and basically be an AI-driven RTS playing out that the player participates in . We will talk more of this next year .

The video in question.


DCS dynamic campaign people be like:


Talk is next year, work is now :wink:


Wow, an f111 in a dynamic campaign. I can wait a year for that !!!


As far as I’m concerned, progress is progress! I can’t hear the interview too well, so was anything said about multiplayer compatibility plans?




I see this comment a lot. But it never happens to me. My profiles are alway there happily bidding their time in the saved games folder. At worst, I might have to go into to each module and reassign my pinky as a shift key. But never anything worse than that.


Same for me, it killed some of my custom assignments, but not all. Still a nuisance. Having to redo all modules is a PITA.


The video above encapsulates quite well what I love about BMS. That Matt would leave a comment is a promising sign.


Oh man, can you imagine. DCS Hornets, Tomcats and even Falcon’s all part of a dynamic campaign played in VR in a multiplayer scenario. Roll on next year…




Can’t decide which part of this statement I’m more triggered about.

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