DCS 2.5 Update Thread



That was good. @Bogusheadbox’s was better. You guys slay me.


He left out the C-101. I can go edit it…


True, he forgot the incoming A-6 from Heatblur.



I do my best. :slight_smile:



DCS Stable Branch update: ED Forum link: here

DCS World

  • Fixed crash when using a trigger with event “On mission ends” and some action.
  • ME. Added C-130 and F-4E to Iran.
  • ME. Added missed aircraft and ground units to Serbia.
  • MP. Added corresponding message if the client was be disconnected from server by Integrity check failure.
  • Vehicle does not follow to assigned WP from task ‘go to waypoint’ - fixed.

DCS AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

  • Correction to wind compensation for bombs and rockets.
  • Popup points inputted without trailing zeros supported.
  • Corrected high-altitude non-after burning fuel scheduling.
  • Updated training missions for ARAK and RB05 to remove forest around target area.
  • Tweaked BK90 warheads.
  • Updated RB74 with ED AIM-9L changes.
  • Tweaked explosive mass of Mingr 55 30 mm shells in the gunpod.
  • Tweaked recoil coefficient on AKAN m/55.
  • Updated, and added new quick start missions for Caucasus and Persian Gulf.
  • Fix to bombs not releasing when carrying half-load.
  • Automatically generated cartridges are exported to .ini - files for inspection in third party software or to make changes which then can be loaded again in sim. Ability to have multiple .ini files to choose from.
  • Exterior mirrors now reflect the environment
  • Fixed various clipping and shine-through issues in exterior (esp. Cockpit)
  • Sculpted new normal map for exhaust nozzle and area
  • Sculpted new normal map for exterior exhaust shell
  • Added RoughMet textures for the exhaust shell
  • Added turbine texture for better deep engine detail
  • Metal elements on wings now have appropriate material definitions
  • Animated engine exhaust fan
  • Interior engine sounds now loop properly
  • New! Improved visual fidelity of afterburner
  • Afterburner now cast lights inside engine exhaust pipe
  • Afterburner now cast lights on surrounding objects and terrain
  • Corrected afterburner z-fighting
  • Afterburner planes do not render at high viewing angles.
  • Corrected afterburner self-illumination
  • Fixed glass in LoD (distant) models turning opaque and bright.
  • New! Added significantly better quality uncompressed normal maps for entire exterior
  • Light domes are now appropriately shiny
  • Fixed wheel/tire animation values so they spin at correct speeds.

Changes in last Tuesday’s patch:

  • Fix to popup-point switching logic.
  • Rb15 group target fix.
  • U22 and U22/A is no longer turned on when starting cold.
  • Fix to U22/A listening even though it was turned off.
  • Suspension for main landing gear softened to allow earlier rotation.
  • Both brakes on same axis fixed.
  • Fix to target ring not displaying with sidewinders.
  • Reverted smoke-in-AB-fix because it turned off sound, not sure how to fix this.


  • MiG-29. Tuning Flight Model.
  • MiG-29. Corrected thrust at low engine rpm.
  • MiG-29. Adjustment of aerodynamic moments with the slats extension.
  • MiG-29. Added APU-60 for all pylons and APU-470 for inner pylons for AA missiles.
  • MiG-29. Accidentally engine stall at 1.6M - fixed.
  • MiG-29S: R-77 misaligned on launchers - corrected.
  • Su-33. Corrected position of FAB-250 on pylons.


  • Broken Autostart fixed.

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC

  • Reversed NPP localizer bar animation.
  • Reversed Max G-load needle animation.
  • Reimplemented vibration effects to Pitot while taxiing.
  • Fixed hint typo on Mach test switch from 1.7 to 1.5.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev

  • Corrected engine instruments lighting to be able to see colors of limitations arc when setting high illumination.
  • Updated C-101 textures (Albedo) and liveries.
  • Corrected parachute to keep same texture when reaching the ground.
  • Smoke CB’s push-in/pull-out were reversed in inputs.
  • Player can now change cockpit position (front/rear) with joystick button, before it was only possible with keyboard.
  • Corrected some mission names.
  • C101CC max fuel weight corrected.


Nobody mentions the harrier, viggen or rotary inclined vehicles?!.. You all make me sad… :wink:


Umm Snark, the Viggen got the biggest section in that list…


I mean’t more about the whole Dynamic Campaign thing… That list is very viggen biased indeed!


ED has hired an individual after a long search that will be solely focused on the DC, it will be similar in idea to Falcon’s in that its a realtime campaign running regardless of players actions.


Go on… nudge nudge wink wink


I wish I could share more, I really do, but will have to wait a little longer for more info :wink:


Which is totally appropriate, I’m sure you were going to say. And I agree. Who wouldn’t. :wink:


I raise my bork to that!


Yep. I hear they are adding a Davis Monath AFB boneyard map so the F-111s can participate. :wink:

(Too harsh?)


Buried treasure mate… Buried treasure…


Maybe? Would love to have seen his face drop as he read it though.

Would of resembled mine after the Mrs told me the chocolate cake she baked earlier wasn’t for pilot consumption…


That’s just cruel! :fearful:


Borderline torture. I’ve had the week off and done loads of big and small jobs she wanted doing and honestly thought I would at least get a courtesy slice… Negative. Nothing doing.


The CC isn’t in game yet is it?