DCS 2.5 Update Thread



Only for the AI, at least last time I checked.

And man I want that AFM now… that is such a nice little plane.


Yeah. I love the panel. I want the AFM sooooo bad…weapons would be an extra bonus…


I am so jumping on the 101 once it’s finished, love how it looks!


You guys might like this - probably paywalled for you though: https://twitter.com/bennpackham/status/1058139426742620160


Me too. The cockpit is nice, the plane looks cute, it flies pretty well.
A good trainer.


DCS World 2.5 Update
This week we moved the Open Beta version of DCS World to the Release version. Highlights include:

  • Improvements to the new MiG-29 flight model, engine performance, new pylons, and corrected M1.6 engine stall
  • Corrected FAB-250 pylon position
  • F-4E and C-130 Iranian skins
  • Numerous AJS-37 Viggen improvements, including landing gear and wheel brake adjustments
  • DCS: MiG-21bis and DCS: C-101 improvements

You can read the complete change log on the dedicated DCS forum thread

For next week’s Open Beta update, we plan new Hornet features and fixes like the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS), FPAS page, laser Maverick, and corrected air-to-air radar B-sweep.

DCS World War II Assets Pack Update
The WWII assets pack continues to grow, and the next ground unit will be the M10 “Wolverine” tank destroyer. Based on a modified M4A2 Sherman tank chassis, it includes an open-turret with a 76.2 mm cannon. Produced by the US starting in September 1942, the M10 was the most important US tank destroyer of the war.

\ 16x16 This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1920x1080.

More screenshots

Air-to-Air Missile Development Update
A key aspect of modern air warfare is correct modeling of air-to-air missiles. We take this very seriously and have devoted new resources to further improving this. There are four fundamental aspects we are working on:

  • New missile flight dynamics
  • New autopilot roll, pitch, yaw damper and stabilization
  • New autopilot guidance and trajectory calculations
  • Modified seeker logic

We are using the AIM-7 as a “test bed” from which we will then move these improvements to other air-to-air missiles once we feel the technology is mature. We are currently testing AIM-7M with:

  • New missile flight model foundation using updated and more detailed aerodynamic data
  • Autopilot navigation system model
  • Missile guidance section and seeker

Here is a video that demonstrates the AIM 7 autopilot in a vertical test

Missile Flight Dynamics
This video demonstrates a new feature of the missile autopilot and flight model: stability and
control implementation. High altitudes and low air speeds provide low aerodynamic damping moments, and you can see missile motion in detail. Note the control surface deflections. The missile’s autopilot dampens oscillations more quickly than with autopilot turned off.
This is just a test thought of the autopilot and aerodynamics of the missile. Naturally, air-to-air missiles are not designed for such low air speeds. In fact, the minimal IAS at intercept for an AIM-7 is about 700 km/h. At this speed, it’s capable to reaching 5g’s in less than a second.

Tasks in this area we’re still working on includes the supporting math for thrust vectoring and refactoring/optimization.

Missile Autopilot
In regards to control systems and autopilot, we’re working on:

  • Mathematical model of torque balance system (AIM-9-like missiles)
  • Inertial navigation system + data link for modern missiles
  • Сorresponding aircraft weapon systems
  • Almost every new missile needs its own autopilot type (based on common model)

Missile Seeker
For the guidance systems and seekers, there is a lot of work for the future. Building from the common math model, we will create detailed models for many seeker types.

When this effort is complete, we believe we’ll have the most detailed air-to-air missile simulation in an entertainment product.

A Worthy Cause
Former Hornet pilot and author C.W. Lemoine will be flying the DCS World Hornet and comparing it to his own experience if we can get more than $7,500 of donations to victims of hurricane Michael.

Let’s show what a great community this is and tell them Mover sent you!
Hurricane Michael Relief Funds


Counter point: he said Imagine those planes in a DC. The F-111’s awesomeness is clearly beyond the comprehension of mortals, so he didn’t waste his breath even asking the question, since the answer is “no.”


With the missile improvements…

I understood the main problem with DCS is that the missiles would make corrections to target maneuvering when they were too far out and bleed all their momentum. Thus lethal missile range is dramatically reduced. Does the above work mean that will be fixed?


I reckon it will. I guess this falls under improved missile guidance logic.

What I hope this will bring is more differentiation between missiles. Early model sidewinders that actually corkscrew all over the sky, exploitable (or not!) behaviors in different BVR missiles and sams, etc. Not all guidance systems are created equally.


From today Wags livestream…


Lookit all those WIP modules…


They already have the F-16 ingame :crazy_face:
And judging from the icon, the Mi-24 is almost done too.

2 weeks guys, 2 weeks…


Yeah. About that. If you’re serious…


I remember when there was a Phantom icon too…




Wow, 2 new maps as well :thinking:


Worse than being waterboarded. Probably learned that while in the employment of the Company. :slight_smile:


I really wish they had prioritised the Phantom over F-16…I’ve read a few F-4 books in recent times and while I’m sure it would be infuriating to see my Sparrows fail to guide over and over again, it would be super cool to fly DCS: Gulf of Tonkin - and we are starting to have a pretty good lineup for it. Anyway, I digress :slightly_smiling_face:


DCS World- .5.3.23788 Open Beta

ED Forum link: here

  • Restored the missing debriefing after instant action mission.
  • AI aircraft climb to a very high altitude when attacking armor units with bombs - fixed.
  • AI ground. Not-activated truck can rearm the ground forces if it is visible (not hidden in the ME).
  • ME. Task ‘go to waypoint’ will work correctly with the stop condition.
  • Fixed issue with DCS freezing on start in some conditions.
  • MP. All information about servers with a large number of slots and clients (40+) will now be visible in the list of servers.
  • Sound. Improved fade out of sounds with distance.
  • AI F-86F. Will not use radar ranger for long range search.
  • AI F-86F. Fixed bug that bring to ground collision in the rocket attack.
  • A-10C & F/A-18C. AWACS aircraft do not call out enemy locations till the player’s comms menu is opened to AWACS - fixed.
  • Radio commands given by the player when a radio message from the AI is playing do not go through - fixed.
  • Multimonitor configurations. GUI dropboxes will not break away from their place on the main display to the other displays.


  • Introduced JHMCS.
  • Introduced FPAS.
  • Introduced AGM-65E with laser guidance (can be used with JTAC/AFAC assistance a while). Known issue: overlapped symbols of laser codes on Mav page, will be fixed soon.
  • Big radar refactoring.
  • External fuel disappears after manoeuvre with disabled fuel pumps - fixed.
  • Radar in boresight mode will not locks target outside beam pattern.
  • Added RU manual translated by Vasil Komarichin aka ICS_Vortex

DCS Flaming Cliffs

  • Su-33 Heavy Sky campaign. Total update all missions by Alex Zelog. Changed: payloads, balance of forces, Su-33s TO weight, weather, minors.
  • MiG-29. Added missing net animations.
  • MiG-29 Flight model corrections, added engine gyrotorque (will be slightly aircraft spin on the tailslide maneuver).
  • Su-27 and MiG-29. Trim reset (LCTRL-T) will be strictly to zero.
  • MiG-29. The pitch stability augmentation system synchronized to wing slats deflection.
  • MiG-29. Updated model of braking chute.
  • MiG-29. Engines will be broken after exceed 2.6M speed.
  • MiG-29. Improved damper in the longitudinal channel.

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC

  • Fixed gauge lights.
  • Fixed missing SPS/IAB panel texts.
  • Adjusted suspension.
  • Improved boundary layer blow system effects.
  • Improved engine device code to reduce FPS stutters.
  • Added navigation data for Persian Gulf.


  • Fuel flow corrections added based on new data


  • Sidearms issues fixed:
  • Sidearm keeps lock when the aircraft is not pointing at the target.
  • Sidearm keeps lock after firing when another missile remains in the aircraft
  • Sidearm does not have volume control (Sidewinder volume control also fixed
  • Fixed Magnetic compass not moving when aircraft INS is not aligned is also fixed

DCS AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

  • Exterior mirrors now reflect the environment
  • Fixed various clipping and shine-through issues in exterior (esp. Cockpit)
  • Sculpted new normal map for exhaust nozzle and area
  • Sculpted new normal map for exterior exhaust shell
  • Added RoughMet textures for the exhaust shell
  • Added turbine texture for better deep engine detail
  • Metal elements on wings now have appropriate material definitions
  • Animated engine exhaust fan
  • Interior engine sounds now loop properly
  • New! Improved visual fidelity of afterburner
  • Afterburner now cast lights inside engine exhaust pipe
  • Afterburner now cast lights on surrounding objects and terrain
  • Corrected afterburner z-fighting
  • Afterburner planes do not render at high viewing angles.
  • Corrected afterburner self-illumination
  • Fixed glass in LoD (distant) models turning opaque and bright.
  • New! Added significantly better quality uncompressed normal maps for entire exterior
  • Light domes are now appropriately shiny
  • Fixed wheel/tire animation values so they spin at correct speeds.
  • Fix to timeline appearing late in PLAN-bombing mode.
  • Fix to time-to-destination display in TID.
  • Fix to Rb15 missile-in-target-time.
  • Fix to Rb15 missile-in-target-time displayed even though no Rb15 is selected.
  • Update Rb15 definitions for AI. AI will now use the missiles properly.

DCS Spitfire IX

  • Fixed bombs drag issue.


  • Memory of the Hero. Updated mission 13 and 14. Deleted intro track, corrected triggers.

Known Issues

The cockpit gauges may be broken. Will fix ASAP.


Laser mavs are fun, only with buddy lasing or a jtac for now tho. FPAS is great I dont think we’ll ever believe we tried to fly the bug without it. Other planes will look upon it with envy.

JHMCS gave me eyestrain as it renders only to the right eye. I also had a flogger eat three X-rays before going down. Not an unqualified success imo.