DCS 2.5 Update Thread



Hoping that’s considered a ‘bug’ not a feature, and will get corrected to both eyes for VR headsets.



Floggers are tough and really out of date. If you hit the engine they go right down, anywhere else they just ignore the damage. Use a Sparrow for best results.


In VR? Interesting.

I’m curious how it looks in VR, in the real thing that’s how it is. It’s only visible to the right eye. But that’s also a display you’re looking through as opposed to the VR lenses that are your display.


VR headsets so far used a fixed focus, about out to 6 feet or so. This means that one eye can’t relax to stuff that is meant to be set to infinity (like a HUD or JHMCS) when looking out beyond the cockpit. In this case ED should probably make it less realistic but comfortable to use in VR.

The Oculus last conference showed a nice prototype that had a physical varifocus set-up - in that the lens would physically move back/forth from the eye depending on where your focus was on in terms of depth perception. We really need varifocus for sims…


Is this kinda the same deal with DCS and NVG’s? Seems like the current NVG feature only shows the visible items within a circle as opposed to the entire field of vision. Is that the way it is in real life as well? Guess I always assumed with NVG’s that they covered both eyes so your entire field of view would be available.


Think it depends on the NVGs - the models that flip down from the helmet - 2 eye pieces but only one input lens –I think give you the limited vision circle.

The Marine helo pilots when I was on USS GUAM had that the and we were always doing night NVG flight ops to keep them in practice. At the time I was told it was because of the lack of peripheral vision.

I could be wrong though.


Is this how DCS currently does it? If so, that’s pretty realistic. It’s two lenses but you’ll adjust them such that it appears in your vision as one circle.

The NVGs are useless for anything inside the cockpit but the lenses are far enough from your eyes that you can just look under them to read cockpit displays, etc.

One thing that DCS gets wrong, from what I remember, is that in DCS you’ve gotta turn the HUD brightness way down to be usable with NVGs whereas in real life it’s (counter-intuitively) the opposite.


Unfortunately, in DCS the NVD circle is practically the same size as the VR display, making it impossible to ‘peek’ under the goggles. It would be more realistic if they reduced the diameter of the NVD circle, as well as offset it upwards a little bit.


Thanks! Yep, that’s exactly how it looks in game right now. (On monitors)


Also pretty similar to the NVGs I used in real life.


In my virtual squadron (229th) we use a mod so you can look under the NVGs in VR. I do not think the 229th modpacks are publically available normally, but will check to see if there is a public source somewhere.

EDIT: we use a slightly adjusted version of this mod where the NVG circle is rather large, but offset to the top so you can look under it, but not above.


DCS World Open Beta Open Beta Update

ED Forum Link: here

  • SA-2 unable to engage high altitude targets - fixed.
  • F-4E Iran. Added skin by Sadjad_Vosoul (ISAAC).
  • С-130 Iran. Added 2 skins by Sadjad_Vosoul (ISAAC).
  • Added SAM SA-15 Tor to Iran.
  • ME. Implemented ship livery selection.


  • Added AGM-65 instant action mission.
  • FPAS climb fixed.
  • Added input for JHMCS (Axis and buttons).
  • AGM-65E and AIM-9X reload issue - fixed.
  • AIM-9X Reticle Visible in all A/A Weapon HUD - fixed.

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC

  • Fixed gauges from blacking out.
  • Fixed smoothing groups on HUD glass.

DCS Flaming Cliffs

  • MiG-29. Added an animation of a flaps buttons.
  • MiG-29. The Nose Wheel Steering HI and LO modes. The LO mode (8 degrees) used for takeoff and landing. HI mode (31 degrees) used for taxi and can be engaged by holding the LALT-Q combo provided Flaps are Up.
  • MiG-29. Added commands to set barometric altimeter pressure.

DCS Campaigns

  • Spitfire IX - Big Show Campaign. Corrected a typo in the documentation. Added some B-17 skins that were accidentally missing.


Curious, which ships offer different liveries?


DCS World Open Beta Update
This week we released a new update to the DCS World Open Beta with highlights that include:

  • Added the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS), AGM-65E laser-guided Maverick, Flight Performance Advisory System (FPAS) page, new skins, improved Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM) radar mode performance, and corrected fuel pumps for the Hornet.
  • Restored debriefing screen for Instant Action missions.
  • Improved sound propagation for distant objects.
  • Corrected player radio transmission with simultaneous AI radio messages.
  • Great improvements to the MiG-29 that include pitch stability synchronized with wing slats, improved braking chute model, corrected engine damage over Mach 2.6, and improved longitudinal stability.
  • Numerous improvements to the MiG-21bis, M-2000C, AV-8B NA, and AJS-37 Viggen.

You can read the complete change log in the dedicated thread of DCS forum

As an Open Beta there are expected bugs that we will resolve at our very soonest.

In additional to see the changelog of today’s Open Beta update.


The CG-60’s and FFG-7’s and a few Russian ships have hull numbers that change, that I have found so far.



this is a change I’ve wanted for years




D’Aww my needy little Cyka Blyat plane just became a whole lot more tame. Still a wild ride tho. Perhaps all for the better, as that thing was a death trap.


The mini patch did not update automatically for me (for anyone that is interested). But @SkateZilla 's Tool sorted it straight out. So once again, Thanks skate.