DCS 2.5 Update Thread





That looks really cool… :+1:


The funny thing is that film was great entertainment for 7 year old me (at the time). It still is, if you take it as a comedy and not so seriously. Because if you start to take it seriously, you realize that the CP/G (who they called “Breaker” for some reason or another) was doing all the actual killing because, well… That’s what the CP/G does in the Apache. Because it kinda sucks to have to fly, use the sensors, and employ the weapons all at once from the back seat. Which, by the way, you can’t do in the A model anyways.

P.S. Thread hijack courtesy of the Apache gang


I love me some corny movies. Flight of the Intruder, Behind Enemy Lines, Firefox…grab me a beer and some popcorn and I can’t flip past em’…


Hell yes, it’s fun to act like a kid every now and again. Like, every day, man.


Say what now?

Hold my beer…

Beach - I’ll see you in the parking lot.


You’re an Iron Eagle kind of guy instead?


@Franze, I’ve been wondering for a while, are you the Franze from ArmA?
The creator of the AH-64D mod with NodUnit?



I’ve already created a fan club.


He is! and he wrote about his expierence crafting apache mods for ArmA games right here on Mudspike! Definitely a recommended read.



Thanks for the link!
It’s like meeting Santa at the mall for the first time. Always knew little Timmy was just being mean when he said he didn’t exist :grinning:


It will be like that corny bar fight scene in Flight of the Intruder…!



I love that the SA-2 is now working correctly. This is such a fun weapon. Long range and can’t be ignored at medium-high altitude, but easily defeated by a terminal maneuver alone.It puts you under pressure but doesn’t simply deny airspace. Ideal combination for gameplay.


Flight of the Intruder and Hot Shots are the most accurate Naval Aviation movies ever made.


Depends on who’s asking… If this is about the bugs then I don’t know the guy! :blush:


But… I… I mean you… it’s just that… ummm… if…

Can we at least blast SRV while we duke it out?



While I know the CVN’s and LHA’s vary structurally from ship to ship, I hope ED and Razbam will give us a few different skins for each in the future as well, even if it isn’t strictly accurate for the respective ships.


I agree, especially considering that even individual ships change appearance over the years. So a USS Nimitz with let’s say some incorrect radar dish won’t be any worse than using the present Tarawa (without it’s 5 inch guns) in an early 1990s mission.