DCS 2.5 Update Thread



If this is about that ARM target script that keeps getting used, it’s not my fault that everyone loves something I wrote in 2005 to get around engine limitations. I’ve tried to get them to use the-

Oh, that’s ArmA3 and we’re talking DCS. Carry on.


So I was looking back at that file I deleted two --'s from to get my imaging IR mav’s and thought "why not? and deleted a couple more:

Yes Virginia, it is. Nope, it isn’t hooked up to anything, so no way to select or fire it. I could only dump 'em before going back aboard :sadpanda:


Anybody brought up that, as currently implemented, the JHMCS display is visible when looking down inside the cockpit?


It’s so heavily WIP that i wouldn’t fret too much about it at this point. The only thing it does right now is cue the AIM-9X seeker, so they obviously have a lot more stuff to do on it.


I kinda figured as much, I was just curious if it had been mentioned.


I think the geometry of the region where it fades out is simply a circle (or cone in 3d) centered on the HUD right now, i can imagine that they didn’t have the time to make the blocked region a more complex shape.


I can’t remember for sure- but I think in the Eurofighter the HMS system did cut off when looking below the “cockpit waterline”, so to speak. I’ll ask around…


The Hornet/Rhino does. If you look at the HUD(which is currently implemented) or look below the canopy glass, it should blank the JHMCS display except for a small cross symbol.


At the HUD yes… I don’t really recall the horizontal plane…


Germane to the thread, but different to the above conversation…

I noticed that there is now Trains available in the mission editor. Pretty simple implementation. Start a train on a track, then add the engine and cars. Set the speed and off it goes. Even I can do that.

That said, the only engine currently available is obviously meant for the Nevada map - the big American flag on the side was my first clue. And three cars available- tanker, boxcar and the “new” (as in they didn’t have them when I was growing up) flatcars for carrying containers.

In the Encyclopedia they show a more European looking engine as well as open bulk cars and passenger coaches (not that I want to relive the 1999 Grdelica train bombing during Allied Force-once was enough…a horrible day).

Still lots of new mission possibilities…take out the train carrying WMD; protect the train carrying the VIP; take out just the engine or a specific car; etc.

I realize that the good folks at ED are probably not saying, “To heck with IR Maverick for the Bug, we need to develop an Italian UIC-Z1!”, however, I’m wondering if we are going to see this area expand in the near future. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, for years a rumor has been floating around which claims someone at ED is an absolute train fan.
The ones popping up with the civilian traffic actually follow a schedules, they aren’t spawn randomly.

God forbids ED ever makes a Belgian map, it’s gonna be a nightmare for them to implement trains realistically, with their constant delays, random strikes, broken crossing and engines, etc.


Belgian trains are awesome. I rate them second only to those of Mother Russia.

I will never forget travelling all across Belgium with my bike as luggage for the price of one and a half beer in such a cute and cosy little thing. It had cute plaid curtainsm wood panelling and everybody was happily chatting away or petting that one dog aboard. Just great.

Then I crossed the border and got on one of those plastic fantastic monstrosities of the Dutch railways, paid about ten times as much plus a hefty premium for the bike and of course had to take a detour because a certain bit of track was out.

Now Russian trains… :dancer:


Firefox is the greatest Clint Eastwood film ever made.

Because reasons.

I accept no arguments to the contrary. :hear_no_evil:


Was your experience anything like that of The Machine?


Coming to Open Beta Next week! (Nov. 21)

For next week’s DCS World Open Beta update, we plan the 2nd big update of the DCS: Persian Gulf Map! Highlights of map update includes the additions of Kish Island airfield, Al Bateen airfield, Lavan Island airfield, Al Ain airfield, Bandar-e-Jask airfield, Abu Dhabi International Airport, Sas Al Nakheel airfield, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, and the Yas Viceroy with Formula 1 racetrack.

Purchase this wonderful map at: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/terrains/persiangulf_terrain/?fbclid=IwAR3_354Ak4tJV_87J7BmIrDuUufWOYTRLaYarsjN6qSuTAE6qUaSYgX5FE4

And yes, we also plan some great fixes and new features for the Hornet next week


ooooooooh. Best map gets bester.


Fantastic, this looks like a great update. And couldn’t be at a better time for me either.

A small question @NineLine regarding the map. Currently the map in the ME won’t scroll as far as in the F10 map during a mission. This makes it difficult to set up carrier operations in the Gulf of Oman as usable sea room is quite small (taking into account sufficient safety distance from the Iranian coast and space for CAP). A bigger area is apparently available but you can’t place any units there as the ME map won’t scroll this far. Will the ME map boundaries be increased to cover to full available (sea) area?


X-Plane just released a 3D Dubai. I was expecting something on par with their Las Vegas. Nope. It really makes one appreciate what an accomplishment the PG map is. It is indeed great. And getting better apparently.


I know that F1 track well. Wonder if CA can get updated with an F1 model? :slight_smile:


Might work!
IIRC the Las Vegas Motor Speedway does have little cars driving around on it.