DCS 2.5 Update Thread



It really says a lot about DCS that these real pilots hop in and then get all worried about their perceived poor performance. They don’t say “this is a totally unrealistic game and I’m a haxxor pilot”. They say “I haven’t been a haxxor pilot for 2 years and I’m not used to the controls. Have mercy, I’m still cool”.


I particularly like what he said there :slight_smile:

I wish I had this game when I was … you know … growing up



Another new airbase coming this week is Jiroft airfield. This airfield is located roughly between
Bandar Abbas on the coast and Kerman airfield.


does this extend the size of the map? looks like its substantially farther north. Nice update.


It’s been that far north for a few months now


still alive in the football playoffs, so i havent been playing much since august. Looking forward to the updates, and the sale.


If 50% off includes the Yak, I’ll probably bite. Same with Normandy.


I think it said only the Hornet and Gulf were exceptions, at 25% off.


DCS Open Beta Update

DCS World

  • Ground AI will be reposition itself if the current target exit from his fire angle.
  • Radar Mys-M1 (Silkworm HY-2 surveillance radar) is integrated. The ASM battery will be receive targeting from Mys-M1
  • surveillance radar. If the radar destroyed the ASM battery will be not functional.
  • Stennis carrier. The helicopter in takeoff position will not block all AI operations on the deck.
  • AI fighters with TWS and multiple launch capability will not use F-pole maneuver if they decided for multiple launch for several bandits. This was done so that the targets did not leave the radar’s field of view.
  • MP. Banned user will get message about his ban and reason.
  • MP. Fixed the client’s serverlist update when shutting down the server.
  • TrackIR works always, despite of control settings - fixed.
  • Hawk MPQ-55 will be marked as HK on Western RWR systems.
  • Fixed crash when a bridge without pillars is destroyed.
  • AI fighters will use an AIM-120C first instead of using the shorter ranged AIM-120B.
  • AI vehicles. Supplies truck added for all countries.
  • AI vehicles. Added M60 MBT to USA.
  • China Asset Pack. Completed Navy liveries (054A: 25 skins, 052B: 2 skins, 052C: 6 skins)
  • China Asset Pack. Updated KJ-2000 external model shape

DCS Persian Gulf

  • Updated Persian Gulf map with additions of Kish Island airfield, Al Bateen airfield, Lavan Island airfield, Bandar-e-Jask airfield, Abu Dhabi International Airport, Sas Al Nakheel airfield, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, and the Yas Viceroy with Formula 1 racetrack.
    NOTE: Al-Ain, Sas Al Nakheel, Bandar-e-Jask airports still in the WIP and not working properly yet.

DCS MiG-15bis

  • New Instant Action missions in Normandy.

DCS Flaming Cliffs

  • Multiplayer. An aircraft shaking of clients aircraft near the carrier deck is fixed.
  • MiG-29. Added the Instant Action missions in the Nevada.
  • MiG-29. The drag coefficient of the speed brake now depends on the M number. Will be less than now.
  • MiG-29. The dead zone of throttle between maximal and afterburner eliminated.
  • MiG-29. Engines can be stalled on negative AoA bigger -17 degrees.
  • MiG-29. HUD radar operation mark in VERTICAL and BORESIGHT modes restored.
  • MiG-29. New single missions in Nevada.
  • Su-27. Updated training mission Start-Up.


  • Added Instant Action missions for Normandy.


  • AGM-65 IR code range fix.
  • Night cockpit illumination on external view added.
  • AIM-9X missile will be marked correctly in the JHMCS indication (not as 9M).
  • Quantity of AMRAAM missiles on HUD will update correctly.
  • TDC numbers which indicate altitudes of coverage do not change with radar elevation - fixed.
  • Radar sometimes can’t lock target in BST mode - fixed.
  • Radar elevation doesn’t work after target unlock - fixed.
  • Added option for VR (left/right/both eyes), added TD box.
  • Updated EN and RU manuals.

DCS AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

  • E on waypoint indicator should not show when aiming ie sidewinder lock.
  • TERNAV should not update when turned off
  • Updated RB-15 for AI definition. AI will now use the missiles properly.
  • Fix to Bk90 not being launchable in NAV-mode.
  • EP13 color inversion selectable by radar mode button (black-on-white/white-on-black).
  • Brightness and contrast control for EP13.
  • Corrected elevation boresight position for Mavericks.
  • Added encyclopedia entries for weapons.
  • New feature: cartridge from putting marks on F10 map (named B1-B9, M1-M9, BX1-BX9, R1-R9, MR1-MR9 = recon-target, or S1-S9) and selectable in kneepad. Also you can just have a marker named “ATTACK” and a quick attack flightplan will be generated.
  • EP13 altitude warning is reset if EP13 is not turned on.
  • The Boundary/GRÄNS lines are now visible again.
  • AB performance at height and speed tweaked.
  • The dumping of the sight for sidewinder carried on wingtips should now be relative to the plane and not the horizon.
  • Fixed AKAN dispersion and accuracy.
  • Fixed Sun Halo effect on canopy
  • Added glass scratches to canopy glass
  • Fixed oval-shaped afterburner flame issue
  • Slight cockpit optimization
  • Fixed afterburner flame clipping into exhaust can
  • Fixed RAT projecting through intake on left side of fuselage
  • Added Encyclopedia entries for weapons
  • Tweaked dispersion for MinGr55 shell for the AKAN m/55 gunpods.
  • Fixed pop-up point not switching to target waypoint on being passed.


  • Corrected RWR code not showing correctly for J-11A, F/A-18C Lot 20, SA-2, SA-3, Flat Face Search Radar, KJ-2000


  • Corrected RWR code not showing correctly for J-11A, F/A-18C Lot 20, SA-2, SA-3, Flat Face Search Radar, KJ-2000
  • Corrected Left wing Polygon defects
  • Corrected Right wing Polygon defects
  • Bomb Interval now working
  • KC-130 Fuel amount increased by 50%

DCS Combined Arms

  • The optic sights magnification will not depends from type of munitions.
  • Default brightness of night vision optic corrected.
  • Corrected night vision window size of CA units when turn on of SSAA graphic option.
  • Wounded playable infantry will reduce max speed.
  • Incorrect aiming calculation after moved the target point on the F10 map - fixed.


  • Spitfire IX Big Show Campaign.
  • Performance improvements (not all bombers drop bombs to reduce FPS hit)
  • Air Sea Rescue logic changed. Now it’s possible to call mayday even if the radio doesn’t work, you just won’t get an answer.
  • M-2000C Red Flag Сampaign.
  • Mission 1: added “mission complete” message.
  • Mission 6: Changed loadout of some of the Red Force jets after player feedback to slightly reduce the difficulty.
  • Mission 10: Mirages 2000-5s will now engage blue forces.
  • MiG-29 Over the Hump campaign сorrected.


How did you sell it? ED wouldn’t even let me give the Gazelle away.


It was a few years ago, when you could still transfer licenses.


Oh man there are some really good things in that update.


Looks like they borked it. Wrong Mav’s were enabled and LGBs added as well. It didn’t update when I just fired it up, so looks like they might be sorting it out now.


Some tweaks to the above notes.

DCS Persian Gulf

  • Map Size restored to the original viewable area in the Mission Editor

DCS Spitfire IX

  • Adjusted the tint of the armoured glass.


  • Initial introduction of the AGM-65G. This is very much an Open Beta version with several known issues.
  • Added radar information on the JHMCS and implementation of HACQ and LACQ modes.
  • Correct CLIMB function for the FPAS page.
  • Updated DCS:F/A-18C Hornet User Guide.
  • Night cockpit illumination on external view added.
  • Quantity of AMRAAM missiles on HUD will update correctly.
  • Fixed radar elevation and TDC numbers that indicate altitudes of coverage.
  • Improved ACM mode performance regardless of target aspect.
  • Radar elevation and azimuth errors after target unlock is fixed.
  • Added option for VR (left/right/both eyes), added TD box.


Oh great…@Troll will think I scratched the canopy during one of my Viggen crashes…(sigh) :roll_eyes:


Scratches on the canopy? You think I worry about scratches? I give thanks to Odin every time you return with the canopy still attached to the jet, or when you return the jet at all, because that means you didn’t eject!


Are you… STILL allowed to fly the Viggen?

Perhaps you should go with something a little more suited for you… Like the Christen Eagle? :wink:


I think it’s similar to the Gavle Yule Goat. You’re not supposed to burn/crash it, but that doesn’t stop anyone.


You are well informed…
I come from a small town 100Km north of Gävle. Even lived there for a year, during highschool.
So far, the straw goat has survived 12 out of 53 years.

Hey… If you make a big goat out of straw, what do you expect will happen?


If you make an aircraft interesting enough, @Hangar200 will crash it? :wink:

@near_blind ought to be properly worried!