DCS 2.5 Update Thread



As long as they don’t punch holes in my flight deck doing it, I don’t care how many jets people crash. That’s their business.


Shudders in a pile of Scooter parts


To be fair, it takes a LOT to punch holes in the armored deck now. There are a lot of people who seem to think they’re important for running the ship on the other side.


In DCS it takes one Hornet parking in the spud locker to create a visible hole in the flight deck. Because damage models


The only good thing is that it doesn’t seem to impact flight operations – for players or the AI.



On the fantail at hangar bay level is the jet shop and test stand, so there’s a JP-5 line that runs through back there. Above that around the O-2 level is something for the weather guessers, where they launch balloons. Above that on the O-3 level internally is the aft most athwartship passageway and the free weight gym. Or cardio gym, depending on the hull number. So yeah, looks good from here.


was there an issue with this update? reading elsewhere that some features may or not have made it in. Off the top of my head:

Mavs not functioning correctly (or not the same way that they did in the wags video)
Flood lights in hornet pit stay on
Black out in hornet when launching off the cat
GBU’s added but cannot change laser code
Aim 9 not slaving to JHMCS radar lock

all of the above may be user error, just noting what i’ve seen on hoggit etc.


Looks like some stuff not intended for the build got in, plus some interim work as well.



interesting, thanks for finding that.

Will be curious to see if they paste this build over to “stable” next week, considering they skipped it last week.


It happens, especially with the development of the Hornet, like last update, we sort of got the G MAVs before we should, it just shows how much work is going into this aircraft, and you can see evidence of it every release. MAV Gs will get cleaned up and ground pounding options will continue to improve and come forward.


I’m waiting for the DCS Piper Cub…with training wheels. :open_mouth:


Yep…a little know feature of the Nimitz-class is that if they want to go really fast, they bolt down and engine to that test rack and put it in AB. Yep…that’s a fact. :crazy_face:

“Important”? I would say incredibly vital for running not just the ship but the entire CSG! Let’s face it, an aircraft carrier and its embarked airwing are there to provided services for and protect CVIC.


True story. I used to sit ESWS (Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist) boards for the ship when I had free time, and when I asked about DIW (Dead in the Water, aka dual plant Scram) recovery procedures (all I wanted to hear: we have emergency generators), I often had Airedales telling me we could run the reactor plants with catapult steam. And one very brave ABH told me about how we could propel the ship up to 20 knots with engines in the test stand until the catapults got the reactors back up.

Needless to say he had to redo his entire Reactor and Engineering sections before he had his reboard.


Fixed that for you.


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I know we aren’t supposed to get it, but did ya’ll see 65Ds on Lau88’s in the menu on this video clip? Got me excited to think about slinging 12 Mavs Ds on the Hornet. Could say that the air force lent them!


OK…that is wonderful news, however, I’m working on a PG campaign and I had finally finished the Iranian IADS…back to the drawing board…er…mission editor. :slightly_smiling_face:

Speaking of IADS…in the real world, radars, especially SAM radars, are not on all the time. There is usually some type of daily cycle of active and inactive times that more-or-less keeps the airspace covered. i.e. when one radar shuts down, another one that overlaps the first radar’s coverage, turns on.

Obviously, that is pretty much peacetime operations. Still it would be cool if we could do something in the Mission Editor…ROE or alert level setting that would simulate this.

Why? you ask…knowing that cycle (after a couple of Viggen ELINT missions) allows you to plan strikes using a flight path that takes advantage of the down times.


It would be neat if DCS air defenses used even a little bit of real life tactics in general - turning on / off at opportune times, turning off when locked by SEAD etc.

As it is (as I understand, though haven’t tested recently), SEAD is just DEAD and there’s no unknowns - once the last SAM nail in the RWR has been plinked, you can fly over the target with gay abandon as long as you stay above IR SAM ceiling…no sneaky IADS commanders keeping a camouflaged radar SAM unit silent until you are right overhead.


Actually, there is no way for a SAM radar to know that an ARM has locked onto it. There are tactics that may defeat an ARM attack, such as turning on the SAM FC radar for just the missile engagement, but there are no guarantees. :open_mouth:

I’m pretty sure HARM has a pre-programed mode (PPM) that uses GPS or something to attack a know FC radar location…and if the radar goes active, so much the better…er…for the HARM shooter, not the guys working the FC radar. :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope (and expect) this will get some thoughts when HARM is introduced for the Hornet. Historically, HARM was primary a suppression weapon with a single digit kill percentage, and I expect this to be reproduced in DCS.

Meanwhile I have my own ARM Defense Script, which gives gives air defenses a fair chance to spot ARM attacks and shut down for a couple of minutes to ride out the attack. With this, SEAD is able to suppress SAMs for several minutes to let the strikers to their thing. But by the time the Weasels run out of missiles, everyone better have left the target area.