DCS 2.5 Update Thread



How about now?


Ok, now?


How about now? :grin:

…and this is the Open Beta update… not the not Open Beta up date … so… I really don’t need to check every five minutes. :neutral_face:


Its out… well at least it is for me.


Yay DCS changelogs, of course they utterly forgot to include mention of the F/A-18C training missions…


I totally missed this!


So, does this update include the VR optimizations mentioned recently?


nope, still as bad/great as always :smiley:


Think there is a separate thread that covers it - link to DCS forums that explains it. :sunglasses:


Any one else seeing these vertical line artifacts in Gulf or Normandy maps? It appears the transparent water is bugged. I don’t see the issue in the Caucasus map and it only happens at 1440p for me. If I drop down the 1080p it goes away. Not sure about 4k.


Have you tried this? https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=211165


Yep, been using that since it came out… love it. Those lines in my screenshot don’t extend on to land, they only appear over water and its only over the new transparent water such as in the Gulf map.


Dollars to donuts that it’s related, just a different texture set. I play on 1080p and lower detail so I’m afraid I’m no help, but thought I’d bring it up in case.


DCS World Newsletter - 7 December 2018

DCS World Open Beta Update
This week’s Open Beta update has some great updates to DCS World, the Hornet, and the Viggen. Highlights include:

  • Hornet changes: added work-in-progress AGM-65F infrared-guided Maverick air-to-ground missile; corrected Hornet catapult launch roughness; added “Go to Tanker’ command for AI Hornets; corrected and improved the Hornet radar in RWS and STT modes; and corrected and improved operation of the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS). More great stuff coming in the 19 December update!
  • Corrected potential for static objects not being visible to multiplayer clients.
  • Added removal or cargo in multiplayer based on scripting.
  • Viggen changes: greatly improved air-to-ground radar; corrected TERRNAV not fixing; and added scratches to canopy glass.

You can find the complete changelog here

DCS: Combined Arms – Frontlines Georgia Campaign
The Combined Arms Frontlines Georgia campaign is the first Combined Arms single player campaign. In this campaign you will experience many different aspects of Combined Arms combat in DCS World, from commanding many units over several different objectives to sitting in a tank and commanding a platoon from the driver’s seat.

Key features:

  • 11 Story driven missions (with supplemental missions if you have a stumble along the way)
  • Command various ground units, from armor to transport
  • Freedom to set up your air units load-outs before the mission starts
  • 35+ unique voice overs

More screenshots

With CA Frontlines, we hope you will learn and enjoy playing DCS: Combined Arms in ways you might not have ever thought about before.

Purchase in the DCS e-shop

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet
Last month we added the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS), AGM-65E laser-Maverick, the FPAS page, updated Hornet Guide, and improved air-to-air radar performance. For this month we’ll be added the AGM-65F infrared-guided Maverick, GBU-10, 12, and 16 Paveway II laser-guided bombs, 13 new interactive training lessons, air-to-air waypoint (bullseye) and BRA information. We are also working on the AGM-88 HARM and datalink MIDS/MSI with improved IFF, but these may not be available until January 2019, based on testing results.

Afterwards, other systems will be developed like LTWS/TWS air-to-air radar modes, GPS- and INS-guided weapons, further JHMCS features, and others.

In parallel, we are working on the technology for air-to-ground radar and new FLIR rendering technology. These are very important to the Hornet’s AN/APG-73 radar and ATFLIR pod.

Burning Skies Multiplayer Server
For DCS World multiplayer pilots, the Burning Skies server is now testing our new dedicated server technology! This is acting as a test-bed to help us debug the dedicated software with many players participating. The dedicated server will form the backbone of DCS World multiplayer.

Burning Skies is a World War II server with options to fly the Mustang, Spitfire, Dora, and Kurfurst. As an official server, will be supporting Burning Skies with prizes to the championship winners.

For a fantastic World War II multiplayer experience, stop by and fly a sortie!




Exciting developments for us!


Smart move promoting the WW2 stuff with the new dedicated server tech!


Oooooh Looks like CA is getting some loveeeeee :heart:


Yeah, if you read the ED forums, @NineLine is taking a lot of complaints and bug reports and putting things in motion it seems. That can only mean good things!


What changed with Combined Arms?


That’s exciting! CA improvements are so welcome.