DCS 2.5 Update Thread



Hell yeah! :sunglasses:


I’m not hip to Airedale lingo, either of those Mustangs a post 43 European variant?




Virtually all P-51D/Ks are post '43. The prototype XP-51D flew in November of '43.


The D-25 would be a European delivered Mustang. Our current P-51 is D-30 Pacific delivery.

That said, that does not mean the D-25 will have 75" Manifold and 150 octane gas. Not all Euro ponies used it. On the other hand…why do a separate one if you not going to uprate it. That’s a lot of effort to move some antennas around.

Anyway, we’ll see.

This was a quote from @nineline back in October -

“It was stated some time ago that the current P-51 is a Pacific variant(P-51D-30NA), and that it would be updated to a more appropriate European variant (P-51D-25NA). Not much else on details right now.”

The ‘more appropriate’ hangs like tasty fruit but who knows.


I was hoping that’s what this might be. It’ll would be a nice improvement to level things a bit with the Kurfurst.


We are working on adding the higher octane fuel, but might not be available right at release.


Thanks @NineLine Fantastic!


OMG! Jumped in the Bug yesterday and VR is looking supa Sweet. I don’t know how they optimized it so well but I love it. CCIP Is easier w the new level of visibility.
Nice! Thanks ED!


OMG I actually missed that!

That’s huge for me. In fact I started to re-learn the L-39 a few days ago because I didnt believe anymore it would happen at all.

If they get the MP working and release it on steam in time I might get my buddy to get it.
He just got into DCS and is on the fence to buy a Trainer module. I prefer the C101 but unfortunately it isn’t ready yet.


I just had a free flight in Nevada with the C101 it’s looking great with the cockpit upgraded. Hopefully bthe pfm comes soon


DCS update postponed to tomorrow. Had to make room for the Tomcat apparently. Or the F-111.

Also 50% off winter sale until Jan 7th.


Can you use bonus points with the sale?


Oooh good question.
I have almost 30 bucks to spend…


Usually you cannot… IIRC.



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Last five or so seconds of that showcase a concerning decline in quality and engines. Recommend subtracting by 12.


What was that at the end? See you soon!

I try not to get excited but you guys are killing me!