DCS 2.5 Update Thread



You know I’d have prefered if that were a rhino nose, but that viper shot at the end sure has me hot n bothered :smiley:

That’s a very sexy trailer by the way, glowing amraam rocking it like nobodies’ bussiness.


Masterful… Love it. Touching and exciting at the same time… plus the Title of the song?
Good old “Wicked game”! Heheheh nice.

Also I promised I wouldn’t buy anything out of the A6… (not out of spite, I literally have no time) but that F16?!
Dammit to hell. By the thirteen gods of war, I might really do that crazy thing and buy it.


It has to be said. This video was better than it had any right to be. My flight simming career, from childhood to now flashed before my eyes, like I was sitting in a heavily modified Delorean going 88 miles per hour and traveling through time. Why? Was it the choice in music? Was it the cinematography? It’s not a rhetorical question, I honestly don’t know.



Looking forward to: DCS Viper

Not looking forward to: The flightsim world endlessly arguing over DCS vs. BMS.
(more than usual)




That was a reeeeally good movie. Didn’t see a Viggen in there, but that’s ok. You usually don’t see Viggens coming… :wink:


There were hardly any helicopters in it either.
…in fact I don’t even remember one.

Perhaps they want to surprise us with those at a later point.


Hangar200 must have crashed them all :slight_smile:

Wish my DCS experience was like there movies.


It was tough to squeeze everything in, but nothing is forgotten, especially Helos, we have the Hind in active development, the Bo-105. The Ka-50 is currently getting refurbished for our new pretty graphics, and more… I didnt miss the Viggens, I like a good steak…


Movie gave me shivers. Great choice of song. To think… it showed just a piece of all the goodness in the game… from Apocalypse Now-esque helo attacks to Vampire fleet point defense, so much more in-game today. And all in VR…

Remember folks. Buy direct from ED. Let’s help keep that momentum going!


-2points, on the video, no f-111 seen


I have high hopes for the DCS dynamic campaign. I love Falcon 4.0, so nothing would please me more than DCS F-16 + DCS Dynamic Campaign = Falcon 5.0!


Well, except for DCS Dynamic Campaign and DCS Vietnam.

I’ll be in my bunk.


There was a Viggen in there…?


The vid gave me shivers too, remarkable job!
The last time I’ve been so impressed was with the A-10C trailer, GA is so freakin talented!

A few of them can be seen in the opening shots and @2:25


It didn’t matter that there was no Viggen in there, but now it has become an obsession! :astonished: Where? I can’t see them…


I counted 3 in the very first shot, one in the 2nd shot and 2 in the following shot.
And they make another brief appearance in the middle of the vid.


Going to be an awesome year ahead boys.

The Fort sequences were really amazing, the 3 ship box not withstanding.

But the Viper! Today the Hornet, tomorrow the Viper!


No, @EightBall, what you see is the effects made by Viggen ordinance. The aircraft themselves are almost back at their roadbase by the time those fires were shot. :grin:

BTW, I see some references to GA. Did he make this masterpiece of a movie? He usually signs them…