DCS 2.5 Update Thread



Yup, far smoother than previous version, even if that ran kegetys shader mod and this doesn’t!


Can’t wait to try that out…


You need to look inside some of the explosions for the shots they used of my flying them. :scream:


I… I can’t seem to trigger the update.
I use skatezilla updater but…


You again… I should’ve known!


Working fine here.
12GB. I am around halfway through right now.


Loved this move. The performance I’m getting in vr is just fantastic. Yay!
Viper, Really?


you have latest version of skatezillas tool?

Just updating now and it downloaded a new updater first. not sure if that has anything to do with it


Uh…I’ll check


I should have mentioned that my DCS install did everything by itself without @SkateZilla 's tool, however the maybe the NEW DCS launcher may confuse Skate’s tool? Dunno



@komemiute Also if you can’t get skate’s tool to work there is a manual command to force the update. Unfortunately I have not used it but hopefully someone here knows it


What did you do to my computer? It’s blazing fast!!!


They needed to speed it up so we can eventually take awesome screenshots of this.


Intrigued about the performance reports. Wouldn’t they put those improvements into the changelog?

Could it be that a “clean install” is what is helping things?


Aaah! The 111 is a sexy beast!
That pic reminded me of this painting by Dru Blair…


C-101 AFM test!!



Just flew the C101 EB and the CC with the AFM.
Nice experience so far. :slight_smile:

(Overheated the battery though, and over-G’d the jet. But she took it with no big hassle)


Yep, this works! :slight_smile:

So far I tested dumb bombs, rockets, and the gun.
It is a light attack aircraft so don’t expect a lot of ordnance, but it can do some damage.

And really easy to use, without even looking at the manual. Intuitive and fun.


I will buy the C-101. Now that they have gotten over the EFM flight model hurdle I want to support them, and see more from them.