DCS 2.5 Update Thread



Same here, AI , ATC , Night lightning. AI would be number one to get more brains, its very bad now.

But friday news letter will tell us what to get in this year :slight_smile:


…hmmm…thinking about the AI in DCS…:thinking:…agree not the" sharpest bulb in the chimney"…but not all that bad in many situations, if…and I will admit this is a big “if”…the mission parameters are there to “help” the AI.

For example, I was working up a mission in the ME. A pair of Viggens hitting an airfield with that stand off, gliding cluster munition. Sounds simple enough however, it took me quite a while–trial and error–to get all the mission parameters set correctly for before the AI wingman would actually launch both weapons and then not fly through the air defenses threat zone afterwards (and thus defeat the whole “standoff” weapon concept).

Not to say that AI couldn’t be better…it could…just a thought. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, some parts of the AI are alright.

But for example taxiing planes, and wingmen getting themselves killed because their lead lands on an airbase, while at the same time being able to perfectly spot targets at huge distances, albeit calling them out on radio in a very useless fashion, occasionally makes me want to facepalm myself to unconsciousness.

Fun examlle: put 12 planes on different parking spots on an airbase, order them to take off from there, and order 12 other ones to land there.
(Sometimes less planes will do).
For extra fun put yourself in a plane in the area.
Watch chaos unfold. :smiley:


The AI? The AI is fine.


Ohhh…sounds like fun. I will try that. :crazy_face:

“Fine” is in the eye of the beholder. Since I rarely survive a mission long enough to RTB or land on the boat, I don’t have to deal with that kind of AI. :slightly_smiling_face:


I mean, yeah, that’s typically how a session of horneting ends for me. So I’d say it’s aligned to real word expectations.




NO! I’M KIDDING!! :fearful:

Stop looking at me like that…


Would move F-111 too but im minority = i like 60-early 80 birds most :slight_smile:


Steam Transfers now available via DCS Account Profile


How to transfer keyless DCS modules purchased on STEAM?
Please note, all future DCS World DLC released on Steam from 12th May 2017 on will now use Steam Keys instead of Star-Force keys.

Here are some modules released on Steam after 12-May-2017:
DCS: M-2000C; DCS: Nevada map; DCS: Spitfire; DCS: AJS-37; DCS: Normandy map; DCS: WW2 Assets pack; DCS: Su-33; DCS: AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL; DCS: F/A-18C; DCS: Persian Gulf map
as well as many new campaigns starting from the Museum Relic campaign.
You always can find the date in the Steam store - Sort by Release date

These modules can be bound and activated on the DCS World e-shop version from the site.

To do this, on the DCS website, on the profile page, find a special Steam account block
please use the link: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/personal/profile/

  1. You need to link the Steam account to your DCS account.
    After clicking on the “BIND” button, you will be redirected to the Steam website, where you must log in and agree to share publicly available information from your profile with us.

  2. After logging in to the Steam site, you return to our site and, if successful, the “GET LICENSES” button will be available.
    Click the “Get licenses” button.

  3. As a result, you can obtain a list of the products whose licenses that:

  1. Already have a DCS account (Steam or not Steam)
  2. Can be transferred to your account from Steam
  3. Can not be transferred because they are in different types of protection
  1. Click the “Transfer licenses” button.
    As a result, the licenses available for transfer will be bound to the DCS account.

  2. When you re-enter this page, the Steam license list will be displayed.

  3. You can request licenses again to replenish them if you purchased new DCS products on Steam. New licenses also can be bound, as in the previous paragraph.

  4. When you click the “Unbind” button, all your Steam transferred licenses will be revoked and the binding removed.

  • Display name in Steam: “your name” - is not a login but rather information permitted by the Steam user to display on a public profile.

Please note that the transferred products will now be available in your Standalone install and also remain available in your Steam Version.
You may also only transfer from Steam to Standalone, Standalone to Steam transfer is not available.


IDK, I think a lot of folks would be down for the F-111, and 60-80’s birds a pretty much the sweet spot for DCS, as there’s enough ‘toys’ to given a modern experience, yet enough classified info to represent most of the aircraft systems realistically.


Me I’d buy almost any jet built between 1946 and 1990. Computers make the experience less soulful to me, like they do in music. Electric guitar is where it’s at. A jet like an F-4E is like a fender Stratocaster. A tomcat, that’s like a complete 80s hair rock band all in itself lol.


F-117, F-16, F/A-18, F-20, Su-27, B-2, and others are happy you’ve included them in the lineup, even though they have a bone to pick due to their computerized flight controls!


are like this:

but the upcoming MiG-19 or the MiG-21 are more like:


Comrade, I am disappoint!

Glorious fighter of motherland not like crap Americanski music of the metal. Must think our music, like our bread, like our water, like glorious comrades share all!


Big choir music is for Bombers and the Navy. Brave snipers of sky are metal. And metal has no nation, it just is :metal: .

Also sorry for turning this into the "what are we listening to " thread.


Ah, I understand, comrade! You prefer capitalist kitty of the tom, yes? Desire to connect with young comrades? This I cannot judge. But MiG-19 deserve true music of comrade Aleksandr Borodin, much like Половецкие танцы.


Pretty music of esteemed comrade Borodin is fine for the 52 or the nice navex in hills and valley. Is not fit for fight, for tearing sky at mach 2 or for firing the gun at imperialist sky pirate. The rocket is not violins or pretty song, is anger of repressed workers and hate against the capitalist da?

As for the young comrades, kitty of Tom is not little hunchbacked capitalist subsonic baby killer plane. Is glorious, even if owned by perfidious evildoers. Is not our beautiful swan the 27 much like him in appearance?


Comrade! We agree to disagree! Much great motherland music for combat from Mighty Five. Need no crude capitalist music of rock roll when fly grand invention of Soviet industry. Modern plane of Sukhoi much like graceful crane, fly like balance of symphony, precise like rifle of sniping. How can lazy cat of tom compare to grace of crane? Cat of tom spend all day sleeping, urinate on wall, smell of nasty fluid. Crane superior all ways.


This exchange makes me happy.

Also - tickets bought for Slayer’s Auckland gig :metal: