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DCS World Newsletter - 11 January 2019

Last week we discussed the many aircraft projects that will be under development in 2019. Today, let’s look at some of the non-aircraft projects. As mentioned last week, we cannot promise that all of these will be released in 2019, but they will all be under focused development.


Although we released a greatly improved and free Nimitz-class aircraft carrier at the time of the Hornet release, we are also working on a separate Nimitz-class aircraft carrier module. This product will have an incredible level of detail and include such features as a detailed and operable LSO and Air Boss stations, detailed modeling of the hangar, animated deck crew, briefing room, and control of the carrier.

Once this project is complete, the team will finish up the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer and then return to and release the updated Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier.

Radio Communications
The biggest radio communications task are the aircraft carrier communications that includes CASE I, CASE II, and CASE III for departure, marshal, approach, and the Landing Signal Officer (LSO). Once this massive task is complete, we will move on to an overhaul of the airbase radio communications.

New Maps

With 2018 we saw the release of the DCS: Persian Gulf Map. For 2019 we and our partners are working on two new World War II maps, a Syria map, a Falkland Islands map, and a new free map that we’ll discuss later in the year.

In parallel, we will be finishing up the Persian Gulf map with the addition of Liwa Airbase and Ras Al Khaimah airport; Al Ain Air War College; ruins near Shiraz, Kerman, and Bam; and fix remaining bugs. Once complete, it will be the largest DCS World map as measured from airfield to airfield.

Dynamic Campaign
While a hangar of great aircraft is certainly a wonderful thing, having an engaging, exciting, and dynamic combat environment is equally important. We have been developing the inner-workings of a dynamic campaign system which will continue into 2019. Based on the strategic goals and tactical situations, the systems will create dynamic Air Tasking Orders (ATO) that players then join to help their side to victory. This work is non-trivial, but we believe the addition of this system should be exciting for DCS users.

DCS World Multiplayer

In the closing weeks of 2018, we made the Dedicated Server software available to a handful of trusted 3rd party online servers. Based on their feedback, we have been tuning and expanding the software to best suit customer needs.

One aspect of the Dedicated Server we are also exploring is the availability of free maps to Dedicated Server hosts.

In addition to this new Server software, the team has also been at work developing an integrated Voice Over IP (VOIP) system for DCS World which is based on the growing Web RTC standard. The first phase will allow users to use and create “rooms” and the second phase would integrate the VOIP into in-cockpit radio controls.

As mentioned in last week’s newsletter about Modern Air Combat (MAC), we also plan to include leader boards, rankings, and other online statistics for DCS World online players.

DCS World Foundation
In parallel to all the above, the team continues to work on the foundation items of DCS World like air and ground artificial intelligence, performance optimization, more detailed damage models for all unit types, Vulkan implementation, improved VR optimization and improved Touch Controller support, aircraft wake turbulence.

DCS World Steam Edition to DCS World e-Shop Transfer
You can now transfer modules purchased on Steam to your DCS World e-Shop installation. Note that this method only applies to Steam DLC that uses Steam protection, not StarForce keys, Starforce keys can be transferred as before. All keyless DCS World DLCs released on Steam from 12th May 2017 can be transferred.

Here are some modules released on Steam after 12-May-2017:
DCS: M-2000C
DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range map
DCS: Spitfire LF Mk.IX
DCS: AJS-37 Viggen
DCS: Normandy map
DCS: WW2 Assets pack
DCS: Su-33 for DCS World
DCS: AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL
DCS: F/A-18C Hornet
DCS: Persian Gulf map

Please see this link for complete directions:


Given that Steam no longer accepts our 3rd party license keys, binding of keys purchased on the E-Shop cannot be transferred to the DCS World Steam Edition.

Hornet Missions of the Week
In our quest to bring more and more great, new content to the Hornet, we are now providing a Hornet Mission of the Week! The first two missions can be found here:

River Run:

Strike Fighter:

These missions will also be integrated into the Hornet Instant Action list of missions.

The Eagle Dynamics Team


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