DCS 2.5 Update Thread



OS/2 Warp! Engage!

No, seriously, it’s for the Amiga.






and you see the LSO there I just mentioned in Tomcat thread !?

Obviously they just grabed few latest post here from mudspike forums and made newslater out of it, very clever :smiley: :wink:



Man, that was the first news post that got me REALLY excited in quite a while!


New aircraft carrier question: does this mean that it will be like an aircraft module, in that anyone can place it, but only those who pay for it can man the stations and control it? Also, does this mean that we might see an expansion of naval force capability in the future?


From “another forum,” my take on simulating carrier ops in DCS:


  1. Air ops. Turn into the wind to launch aircraft. Reactor Officer and Air Boss fight about availability of steam for the catapult accumulators vs. the main engines.
  2. Launch aircraft. Engineering Officer of the Watch calls up to the bridge and yells about the Air Boss launching planes on adjacent catapults too closely together.
  3. Air boss calls up to the bridge and yells about the Engineering Officer of the Watch slowing down the rate of launching planes.
  4. Prepare to turn downwind to prepare sea room for aircraft recovery. Call escorting DDG’s and CG’s so they can get out of the way. See also: herding cats.
  5. Recover planes. If there’s been a layoff, watch the bolter pattern get full very, very fast and the Air Boss gains many gray hairs.


  1. Run drills. Engineering, Reactor, and Combat Systems all run various casualty drills while Supply, Personnel, and Admin yell at them because they’re constantly turning off lights and computers, killing the broadband off the ship, and running through passageways that have been newly waxed, because those departments have nothing better to do, since it’s “outside Customer Service Hours.”
  2. Air Department and Air Wing complain because the drillsets are cutting through the mess decks while they’re standing in line for chow, or sleeping.


  1. Night air ops. Repeat day air ops, except everything takes twice as long, since it’s at night.


  1. Reactor drill sets. Repeated 1MC (ship-wide announcing circuit) announcements echo throughout the entire ship. Lights go on and off all over as multiple drills that kill power to all parts of the ship are run. Night shift AIMD (aircraft maintenance), laundry, and day workers complain.


  1. At some point during the night, some douchebag from the airwing will throw a float coat with a chemlight attached over the side, because he or she thinks it’s funny. Lookouts on the flight deck will hear the splash and see the light in the water, and call away a man overboard. Commence standard man overboard operations, including slowing and turning the ship, launching small boats, and launching the alert helo. When the rescue crew returns with the empty float coat, dispatch the XO to make threatening 1MC announcements, whereas the parties responsible will be found out, keelhauled, then hung from the yardarm.

Repeat until the ship pulls in to a port.




I looked at the news post again and noticed that you can see file paths in the screenshot of the DCS server dashboard.
They start with D:\

So that probably means not running on a real server operating system. Sad.


It might depend on if they initialize DX11 on the server build they are doing or not. Valve Proton has been working pretty well as a ‘super WINE’ for a lot of titles for the majority of the win32 calls, so a DX-less DCS Stand-alone Server would/might/possibly/probably work.


True. Might be worth a try.


One thing I forgot and that might kill any decent chance will be the proactive DRM dll references. It’s a user mode driver and isn’t covered by WINE, so until the old Starforce stuff is thinned out, and the new DRM key mechanism is in place completely, then that might be a bump in the road.


Except if the server doesn’t check DRM.
(Yeah I know, wishful thinking)


I mean, at my work we enjoy throwing makeshift explosives to eachother and see people run for safety! So you know, industrial environments get the best out of people :wink:


Yeah…that is a bit of a different situation…and I do see the humor in it. :slightly_smiling_face:

With what @Navynuke99 describes, the problem is the aforementioned “bag-O-duche” is putting lives in danger. Typically you have a helo on alert 15 when you are working the flight deck at night which will launch unless the weather is absolutely horrible. If that helo should go into the water on a false alarm?

Then there are the lookouts. We are talking about 18 year old sailors. They do as they are trained and call it in if they see lights in the water. In doing so they put the entire ship into man overboard stations. EVERYBODY must check in and wait until the ship has a full master. On USS GUAM, where I first encountered the “chemlight @$$holes”, that was about 1,200 sailors and Marines. On STENNIS the number was around 5,000. It takes a while and totally disrupts just about everything. On the other side of the coin, if the lookout doesn’t call it, and it is real, somebody is going to die. Period. That is a lot of pressure on a young kid.

I think @Navynuke99 will agree with me that this is more akin to falsely pulling a fire alarm than acceptable shenanigans. I know I have a well developed hatred for such offenders…they wouldn’t want to meet me on the port quarter during a dark night.…just say’n


Would it ever be the ships top brass trying to bank shot an unofficial man overboard drill? Only sensible reason I can think to do that (even accounting for ‘inter office’ pranks…), as it does seem like a decent “does everyone remember how to actually do this?” type of drill, complete with the SAR aspect.


I wonder how often bioluminescent organisms in the wake of the big ships cause false alarms…


Absolutely, although I would say “no-notice” vice “unofficial”. :slightly_smiling_face:

The usual practice on a carrier is for the XO to grab a couple of sailors and stash them in his cabin/office (usually give them a soda) before the drill starts. Then they see how fast and accurate the muster is. The idea is that the two stashed sailors should turn up missing in the muster…and if they don’t there is hell to pay.

Also on GUAM, when doing independent steaming, the CO might walk out to the bridge wing, where they kept a man-sizes, man-shaped floating dummy called “Oscar” (phonetic O for Overboard) and throw it over the side. A complete drill, testing the lookouts, the ship drivers (Google “Williamson Turn”), the mother whale boat team, and the rest of us mustering.

Probably, not all that likely–I haven’t heard of any. The bioluminescent glow is a broad area type of thing in the ship’s wake. The lookouts are looking for single sources flights like a chem light or (hopefully) the strobe on a float coat.


By the same token though, unless the XO is a sadistic jerk, he’s not going to run a man overboard drill in the middle of the night, especially when there are Reactor drills and/ or flight ops at the same time.

Another point: if the helo is secured, Deck department will send out a small boat to check on the light, and launching and recovering a small boat while simultaneously performing a Williamson turn can be a dangerous evolution as well, even more so at night.


A bit confused…thought that was required for the job…at least I know I was that way when I was an XO of a shore command.

“First LT…Grab your cover and note pad and walk with me. I’ve noticed some material discrepancies in the parking lot.”

Gosh I loved that! :sunglasses:


Looks like RazBam has been working on additional tanker capabilities.

And here is the thread.