DCS 2.5 Update Thread



¡Ay, caramba!

@NineLine - go give those devs a hug please. You can be manly about it, but hugs all round.


Has there been any mention of what that means - ED acknowledged the slew control was a bit messy, but also that it didn’t play well with HOTAS Warthog throttle’s TDC controller as it doesn’t allow depress and axis commands through at the same time. Has a fix for that been included by chance?

Damn - I liked using that. Back to 12’s then!
@Franze guess I have to be more “realistic”. :grin:

This will be my only “complaint” - that did work, and now it’s broken. Ugh. I’ll just have to tell my lazing partner to cycle the power. At least the “Did you try turning it off and on again?” method ought to work. An acceptable loss for the progress this patch made!

Thanks ED & Partners! Keep up the great work!


Spent all morning in the C-101 (not even the CC!) and am just having a blast with learning it. That IFR departure and ILS landing training mission will make you want to murder that instructor!

“Maintain 215 KNOTS!!!”

I passed it on the third try after finally getting the feel for the airplane. Lovely stuff!


But can you kill something?


Once I get around to firing up the CC I should…! Rudel made a bunch of custom missions to help with some weapons practice:



Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever seen GBU-16s on the dual racks. I’m pretty sure it’s possible, but probably never used operationally. I’ve seen Supers with them, though, but pretty sure the Supers also get BRU-55/57 digital racks.

Just means you’ll have to go double ugly, GBU-10 on the #2 station, AGM-65F on the #3, and GBU-16 on the #8.


Is anyone else having a problem with the stennis causing a non pure client problem on mp?


Which server? They might not all be updated yet.


Yeah, the instructor when you CFIT your life away…


Same here!
Really got sweaty flying that mission.


I finally after countless attempts have managed to take a full load of fuel from a kc-130 to my harrier. And then did it again straight after!

Once you have the knack it’s simple but it’s taken weeks to learn


To answer my own question - No.
HOTAS Warthog still needs a secondary TDC button.
Currently, I have the TDC depress set as TDC Depress, for “clicks” like on the radar, plus using boat switch forward since it’s a proper switch and I don’t have to hold it for the “hold” when slewing a Mav.

First Harm shot against a Dog Ear radar hit!


The Mav slew does seem much more controllable now though.


BTW are you doing this boat switch thing through the TARGET software or are you just setting up the depress function to require both the boat switch and the mini switch pressed in?


Just in DCS.

Not requiring both - it’s just assigned to both. You can use either.


What…ahh…looking again…well, what do you know…it does say pitot, not pilot…I really need to get my screen clean.


Thanks Wes. I guess I had forgotten that you could have duplicate HOTAS key assignments within DCS. (Usually I’m striving NOT to have duplicates…) So I’m curious as to what happens (if anything) if you leave the boat switch pressed forward while trying to move the TDC control over points on the radar?


I did not know that! So many possibilities!


@Kinger I flew last night with so here’s the report from my dual-setup:

  1. The Mav seeker requires TDC to be held down to slew, as we knew.
  2. The Mav seeker does not lock until the TDC is released. Using the boat switch made slewing easier as I didn’t have to try and hold something down while moving it - but a I then needed to quickly “rock the boat” haha to lock a target. Not ideal for snap-shots under pressure.
  3. The regular TDC depress on the Warthog throttle was still the better choice to selecting a radar target, as it requires no additional buttons (finger is already on the slew control anyway).
  4. It’s certainly not as nice as the Warthog, which requires no button depress to slew, and locks as soon as there is enough contrast to do so without user input.
  5. Forgetting to set the DDI with the Mav seeker view as active is the number one reason for ”why won’t this ****in’ thing work!” :rofl:
  6. There’s still a glitch that re-arming after use doesn’t show a new countdown, but your new MAVs won’t work until they have been selected, and 3 minute cool down completes.

I’ll test out the radar idea today - that’s a likely “I forgot something” situation!


Funny you bring this up. I had the EXACT same problem last night in my testing of the Mavs :slight_smile: