DCS 2.5 Update Thread



Getting you that low-cut v-neck Mudspike shirt for those alluring twitch streams… :slight_smile:


That would be good, in that some ship missions for the gulf, some blue on green or civ must be a real issue. It’ll be great if the tankers had returns on the old Viggen radar.


I am subbed up and notifications on, bring the rain, err videos :slight_smile:


Oh I misread it the first time. I thought you said that Black Shark 3 would be sold as a survey sim along with the new DCS AH-64 Apache.



This fix is more important to me than it should be.


We prefer the term ”Vintage”…


I thought of you yesterday…


Was just on blue flag. Seems the latest patch broke SRS.

Only tried just recently on blue flag, so unsure if it’s server specific or global pork.


I think it was a server blip. Went back on several hours later and all fine


That was a bug? I thought it was a correct. Hmmm :thinking:

My logic as to why I thought it was correct:

Just say I’m a user with a PC that isn’t top line and need to decrease some DCS World settings to compensate. I go to DCS World settings and set Civilian Traffic to Low or Off.

Before this update, should I download/run a mission that I don’t realize has civilian traffic set to High, there is no problem. My overall DCS World settings sets it to the “proper” setting for my PC.

Since this update, running that mission will decrease DCS World performance…and I don’t know why…have to check the ME set up to see what the issue is and change it.

The way I thought it worked (should work):

The mission Civ Traffic settings were a “top end” setting. In a mission, you get up to that setting, based on your overall DCS World setting.

If your Civ Traffic settings are High, but the mission creator wants in-mission Civ traffic to be Off (because "a plague killed everybody " is part of the mission scenario), you get no Civ Traffic in the mission


If your Civ Traffic settings are set to Low (for performance reasons) and the in-mission traffic settings are set to High, when running the mission you see Low traffic.

Does that make sense?

Great! BTW, is there any other way of removing the stationary scenery boats other than sinking them? :sunglasses:

Overall a great update! Thanks for the rundown! :grin:


Just updated with DCS 2.5.4.…(other numbers) - that’s this update?


Redbravos change log is for the Stable branch update today that pushed several open beta patches to the stable side this week. If your in beta you should have all that already.


Copy. I am a “Steady” Guy. If this update is for what was pushed on Sunday, then its the 2.5.4.something. Good to go.


Hhmm, good point. I was of the same mind. I will have to look into this further and see what is up. Might be some confusion there since I believe you are correct in your perception.

I don’t think so. In fact I would be surprised if there was. Those objects are part of the base map. You might try in the mission editor the new triggers that were implemented a while back. The triggers where you can cover various parts of cities and then within those zones make the sections of those cities to be bombed out husks. It is quite a neat little feature that makes the immersion of a battlefield looking oh so good in the sim. Maybe if you use those trigger zones, the ships would be removed? I don’t know.


Cool! I’m going to try that! :sunglasses:


@Franze - read the above post about pre-demolished cities. Sounds like it may work for your scenario.


Yup, I’ve been using them in fact. One has to be careful though because a large area + large amount of destruction = huge lag spike as the game destroys the objects. Works OK for smaller areas and a smaller percentage of destruction.


Hopefully that feature can eventually also be run on mission load in some fashion in the future.


There is also an option for removing map objects which should clear the seas for you :ferry:


Really? I didn’t know that. How do you access this?