DCS 2.5 Update Thread



The A-10C updates shown are free updates.


that figures. Years? Months? Weeks? And what about the Ka-50?


I am enjoying the hog again in vr. It is nice it and the BS are getting some attention. Will the upgrades to the shark be in readiness for its re-release? I will enjoy relearning it again with a nice new cockpit


No ETA right now.



Thanks for the information @NineLine - no ETA means no ETA. I’ve got plenty to do and both the Ka-50 and A-10C work well enough, but the love will be welcomed (esp the Ka-50).


Yep. Agree. Eagle Dynamics is really hitting its rhythm now, humming away with updates, patches, fixes and new content like they were an old world symphony playing Mozart. I find I cannot locate any time anymore to focus on studying the study level modules, there is too much here which distracts me from my current module of interest. I’m like a kid in a candy store. :slight_smile:


Concur @RedBravo65.
I just wish more people would realize that and give up the trite tropes of old grudges…
(Not talking about people here, of course- mostly the whole Italian subsection of the ED forum)


yup. Even as is, the A-10C is a work of art. I am currently flying Enemy Within 3.0, and it is just great. Working those three radios, the TPOD and keeping the jet in one piece… its not easy but great fun!


Yeah, the radio management in those missions is pretty cool. Definitely keeps you on your toes. When the target coordinates coming streaming in it gets intense…


I have to admit, I did not manage to jot those down quick enough and ended up doing it mostly on visuals so far.

Just dive down, stabilize the TPOD, see what’s what and start shooting the bad guys lol. :firecracker: :gun: So far no bad drops or stray bullets :angel:


Can we set up something like Ko-fi or “Buy me a coffee” to ensure ED’s software team is well fueled to keep whittling away at said unknown ETA? :slight_smile:


I should probably be asking the on the ED Forum …specifically the Italian subsection…:wink:

I was trying to practice laser guided weapons stuff for the Bug–set up a nice, 0-threat mission area in ME with two JFAC and one AFAC (a UAV). Each associated with a group of Red forces to attack. I got the L-Mav working …it is actually more fun than I had anticipated.

I then tried to use a LGB (GBU-10) - set it up using the default laser code, proper fuzing etc. I cannot get the JFAC to go to Case 1 or 2…always defaults to Case 3 (no target designation) even when I set it to use a laser and when I put a Blue unit about 200 m away from the targeted Red force, which if I read things correctly, should be “Danger Close” and require a Case 3 targeting.

So when I see that the laser designation is out to 3000 m…which would make sense for larger GBUs…I have to wonder what I am doing wrong.


I used the same procedure as I did with AGM-65E when using JTAC.


Hmmm…I will have to play around with it some more…although I more than a few attempts.

I’m not at my DCS computer, but in general:

  1. Set up target group (Red)
  2. Set up a Blue vehicle that can serve as a JFAC (a HUMVEE of some type - same as I used for the AGM-65E targets)
  3. Load 2 x GBU-10s on the Bug
    4 - Take off and set up the GBU-10’s
    Note: Since this is SP I use the default Laser code.
    5 - Contact the JFAC with the comms menu - say on stationeries time (I normally use 45 minutes)
    Note: the GBU-10s are the only weapons available
    6 - Get ready for the Nine Line (Hey, I bet that is where @NineLine gets his screen name from :grinning:)
    7 - It all comes off the rails - the 9-line comes back as a case 3 and solacer spotting

The only thing I can think of is that I am using an artillery group–a Slkworm radar and launchers–as the target…that should not matter. You should be able to put a laser targeting spot on a structure but DCS only does JFAC targeting of a Group. OK - I get that it is function of programming so not all things can be targeted…but a CDCM radar should be so…maybe that is not it.


Forgive my ignorance, But I though CASE 1,2,3 were landing stuff.

Is there an explanation somewhere on CASE? I searched but just get landing stuff.

I digress, have you tried your mission with a different munition? Maybe, if your land based try the mission with the A-10C. That could tell you if its munition related or jet related or DCS World related.


I don’t have my A-10C manual handy (on my iPad that I left at the Yacht Club) it s listed in there. Yes Case I, II, III are ILS categories and there are Case 1-3 carrier recoveries.

There are evidently also 3 types/cases…maybe it is category …of JFAC support. In the 9-line that JFAC sends. In Case/Category 3 te JFAC does not mark the target. So kind of hard to do a LGB attack without the “L” :grin: That was my point.


Here are the 3 types from the A-10C Manual:

  • Type 1: JTACs use Type 1 control when the risk assessment requires them to visually acquire the attacking aircraft and the target under attack. This is the most common and restrictive of the three types. Type 1 is most often used when friendly forces are “danger close”.
  • Type 2: Type 2 control will be used when the JTAC desires control of individual attacks but assesses that either visual acquisition of the attacking aircraft or target at weapons release is not possible or when attacking aircraft are not in a position to acquire the mark/target prior to weapons release/launch.
  • Type 3: Type 3 control may be used when the tactical risk assessment indicates that CAS attack imposes low risk of fratricide. This is the least restricted control type.

The manual also states that for laser or smoke designation, which is typically set for type 1, the JTAC requires line of site. In type 1, you also need to attack from the specified headings to be cleared to engage, and even then it’s sometimes still a couple aborts. Default laser code is 1688, which must be set on the bombs for the Bug (Preset on the Hog).

Type 2 and 3 are coordinate only designation.


Types…got it.

That said, I thought type 2 could also be used with a laser designation - the attacking aircraft does not need to see the target, only the laser sensor has to have acquired the target.

Regardless, Type 3 should also include the possibility of laser designation. Just because there is little possibility of fracticide (or collateral damage) does not rule out a PGM attack.

PGMs were developed to be more efficient than “dumb” iron bombs. The idea is that you can use far fewer bombs (and thus far fewer aircraft) to achieve the same probability of kill than with non-precision bomb, thus more efficient, thus less expensive.

The fact that the likelyhood of collateral damage and fractricide also decreases is just bonus.


Type 2 can be laser or otherwise, it does not need to be coordinate only. Remember all it means is the JTAC can’t see the shooter and the target, only one or the other, and thus can’t get visual confirmation and clearance that they aren’t dropping on friendlies. Nowadays that is the most common, and type 1 is very rare.

Type 3 can be whatever type of engagement is best for the target. Best way to think of it is a valley over, where the jtac has no way of seeing but knows there is a column of enemy vehicles there. Type 3 would be given and it’s up to the aircrew to target everything that meets roe in that engagement. However they best can.