DCS 2.5 Update Thread



Dear pilots,

With the DCS: MiG-19P Farmer by RAZBAM Simulations to be released this Friday, 1 March 2019, we will be shifting our Open Beta release to Friday this week instead of the usual Wednesday. A benefit of this is that we’ll now have time to also release an eagerly awaited new Eagle Dynamics feature! Let the speculation run wild!

The Eagle Dynamics Team


Dynamic Campaign!


Dedicated servers?


Don’t we always do that?


Release of The New Free Map???/ :slight_smile:


My vote is dedi servers or something less ambitious. The servers have been in testing, whereas we haven’t heard a peep about the progress of any of the other big wanted features. I’d say maybe new handling of FLIR, but I think that won’t come up until we get near to having TGPs for the Hornet.


wake turbulence ?


That was my vote as well.
It was talked about, not really hyped and a sort of back-burner thing that people have wanted, that is also related more directly to ED than something else.


The would hype up IR and night lighting rework (I am convinced these are strongly connected). Dedi server is more likely. And of course all those gizmos on the hornet.


Halfway believable light sources???
A proper ATC???




Wow how did you find that picture of @Bogusheadbox’ scout cub summer camp?


When your out hunting truffles its pays to bring in the pigs!


The ability to replace your AI wingman’s face / features with a photo you took of your cat…or any cat for that matter! :hugs:


My husky sounds like a Russian RWR when he’s angry if that counts (come to think of It he is siberian…)


Hey everyone,

It’s long, long overdue, but I’ve finally put together a little synopsis of my trip to our Moscow and Minsk studios last year. I hope you enjoy this little read and look.

Please find attached .PDF.



So- it’s technically the 1st of March!
We can now know the new feature! THANKS!


Maybe it’s the carrier ATC? Or the damage model


Oh man, that would be so sweet.