DCS 2.5 Update Thread



A bit confused. I thought this was a line for checking / allowing for cargo you plan to pick up during a mission-either internal or sling load. Yes, it adds it in at TO weight but that gives you a worst case scenario. If you are below Max at TO, you are good to go. If above max at TO with the planned cargo, then you need to estimate fuel burn, enter that as your fuel load and try again. If still above max, reduce fuel at TO, re-estimate fuel burn, stick in the new numbers and see what happens. Wash, rinse, repeat.

That said, I will admit to never really using it…if you ever witnessed my sling load “skills” you would know why :astonished:…but that is what I thought PLANNING CARGO was for.

So now you are making us use something called “math” to figure out weights…you evil, evil, people you! :wink:


That never worked for me. I used to add weight with triggers


Yes, you add it with triggers during the mission. I think the sling-load cargo adds itself. I thought this was for planning/editing the mission beforehand - that it doesn’t actually add the weight but let’s you see that it is within limits.


Regarding the Logbook. I tried to make a USSR Cold War era pilot but there are no squadrons…so is USSR just for WWII? Just about every Russian AF/Navy aircraft was also a Soviet AF/Navy aircraft so…?? Just a thought. :thinking:


Not WWII because the faction has access to SA-2s. Unless you’re generating units through a script, you can’t put much under the USSR faction.


Some nice fixes coming down the pipe:


Hey everyone,

Thank you again for the Open Beta reports. These help greatly and we’ve already made many fixes for the next update. Some of these include:

1- Corrected roll based on crosswind.
2- Ghost SA contacts fixed.
3- Adjusted Link-16 frequency to not conflict with TACAN and IFF.
4- Unknown contacts no long longer have HUD diamond, denoting hostile.
5- SA TDC now has highest rendering order.
6- SA TDC and data values are now the correct, yellow color.
7- Contacts that are ownship and donor hostile identified now have caret HAFU on HUD.
8- NCTR can also now print targets from 30-degree rear aspect using JEM.

There are of course other items being addresses, but this is just in the past day.

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Data link has made a huge difference on blue flag (when there are several planes contributing). I am loving it.


It’s nice to know if something is on your six!
When I have to run back to friendly lines, it’s nice to know if I need afterburner. Sure, I could be safe and go full burn but it’s not helpful if the tanks are dry.


I hope they fixed the bug where if you are in the Mirage-2000C, you cannot communicate with the tanker even if you have the correct radio frequency dialed in.


Latest open beta fixed this, yes. Should be pushed to stable this week, barring any issues.


Is that out yet? Or planned for the 7th?


When was the last time we had 2 aircraft released in one month?
Should the Tomcat release next week, that is exactly what we are getting.


I don’t know. The last Open Beta update was shuffled to the Friday for the Farmer release, so I guess today is stable release, which would make next Wednesday 13th Feb March(!) the target? Dunno. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Of course, that day is :f14: TOMCAT DAY :f14: , so that makes sense for the 13th.


Wow…where did 2019 go…it seems like yesterday was early March. (…and the HB F-14 is still not out!) :astonished:


I don’t know … I wish I knew though…


It’s March 6th. Yesterday was March 5th.
Is that not early March enough? :confused:


@Hangar200 was just having fun that I thought it was still February @JediMaster. I stand by that statement, as it’s started snowing outside up here. :slight_smile:


I’m in Florida and it never even reached 60 here today! So yeah, cold day. It will be 80 by Saturday, though. :slight_smile:


That is just cruel!:roll_eyes:


groans in midwest CONUS -4F