DCS 2.5.x Screenshots (2019)



@Victork2 you have inspired me. Sabre is one of my fav’s.

In @WreckingCrew’s updated keyhole mission - now running on Hollo Pointe.

Here we go! Through the keyhole!

-Transport shot down with guns ~12,000ft AMSL
-Chased AWACS @ 33,0000ft AMSL, both missiles were easily decoyed even what amounts in today’s terms to point blank, ran out of .50cal.
-Turned back to Russian Carrier, attempted to bomb it with Auto Release, attacked from the bow to stern, forgot to compensate for boat’s speed - bombs went long.
-Nearly out of gas, tried to land on carrier without knowing landing speed of Sabre (hadn’t read that page), third pass was close-ish to stopping at the tip of the ski-jump but went over, no gas for a go-around, ejected.


Some things never become unimportant…


the SimHQ Screenshot or the CDU info?


That’s so cool! I downloaded it yesterday but didn’t have time to fire it up and I really wanted to actually try a dogfight in the sabre. I can’t get over just how easy it is to fly hard! It gives you so many warnings before it bites you.

I’m sort of drawing up an air display to fly with it as well at the moment. So I’ll upload that tonthe videos thread once I’ve figured it right out. Should be pretty to watch from the tarmac :blush:


The CDU info. I was trying (once again) to figure out how to manually enter a waypoint, and the Einstein SimHQ thread pops to the top of the Google search…



A bunch of photos from me and @Franze flying Back of the Hand in Hollo Pointe tonight:

Did a bunch of buddy lasing - code 1337.

Racks empty, time to get some more!

I love fall in the Caucasus map.


The next are a series of post-release/post-impact shots:

And back home:


Trying to find some enemy within




I have an idea to spawn compatible ai enemy planes in that Keyhole mission. So if flying the F-86F there should be MiG-15s coming up to greet you instead of '29s. Will work on it today…

@Victork2 & @schurem, I want to see you two fly Keyhole h2h in your Korean era jets!

Link to the Jumeirah Keyhole latest mission with compatible AI. You have to fly through the keyhole at Hotel Atlantis to get the enemy AI to launch. Single player or H2H it should be good to go!


I’m definitely down for getting destroyed!


@Victork2 name a time and place! (when the kids are bedded down for the night)


I’m off work Friday night through till Tuesday morning I’m sure we could arrange a meet up over PM. it would be pretty cool :blush:


Look no further:



Campaign is coming along nicely :slight_smile:


Dreaded golden BB to the JPTL while running low alt on Hollo Pointe. Load of Mk20s, so look for something to pickle them on in the hopes I can turn around before engine totally dies. Drop them all, kill a couple things, watch the RPMs die down and wonder what I can do. APU naturally doesn’t power my controls, so once the engine dies, I punch out. Only to see my jet skid across the ground and come to a halt!

Shoulda stuck with it, I guess.


That’ll buff out…


Yeah, a coat of paint…


Duct tape and wyre…


I’m working with the Hip…trying to take off without doing an imitation of Dorthy Hamill (if you are old like me, you got that).

Anyway, a couple of screen shots of me and my wingman. I love flying low over cities in a helo.

FYI for @Troll, the Viggen isn’t the only aircraft I trash on a regular basis…although this was all from AAA. Evidently a helicopter doesn’t fly well when the spinning things on top and in the back top spinning.

My wingman didn’t do so well either.