DCS 2.5.X screenshots...!



Are you sure your 304 wasn’t also screaming “There can be only one!” to the other 304 as he slammed in to him? :rofl:


It would have been interesting, but the lack of lightning after the event makes me guess not.


We can create our own job security just fine thank you very much, when pilots attempt to help they usually manage to bugger up the worst things :wink:


I haven’t touched the Viggen for a while, probably the F-18 is to blame for that. Decided to set up a little mission tonight to attempt to get back in the swing of things.

fog horns

Viggen’s in hot on the final leg…

Poor @Hangar200 just wanted a peaceful day on the boat… didn’t know he was going to get buzzed by a pair of RB-04’s :wink:

Target hit but not sunk…

When are we getting a Ka-27 module… can we get a navy helo pack? MH-60 and Ka-27 plz?


Just hitting the standard CASE I recovery numbers.


Red star, “Capt. America” :thinking:




Gloriously doing pattern work after defending the base tooth and nail.

Parked it at the northern end, where the cool guys sit. Yes, that was a flawless landing, which to me, in that machine, still counts as a major achievement.



I’ve been working on learning the Viggen radar a little more. The problem is I can’t stop taking screen shots of the dang plane.


Almost as sexy as the Intruder…


Nor should you…
It pleases the gods of Asgard.


I tried running one of the screen shots for an old school intelligence photo kinda feel for it.


A mission in which recoveries equalled launches.

Manpad man: “This caca is about to get real.”


He’s a real Manpad man
Sitting in his Manpad stand
Making all his Manpad plans
For nobody


The Beatles’ forgotten lyrics…very nice. :slightly_smiling_face:


A selection of pics taken over the last month.

A little gif

And a small vid about the choices we all face on a daily basis


It reached the point where I’m SURE some of those are real pictures…


Had they been posted in a real world aviation forum, I would believe it if the poster said they were real…


Well I was being a tad hyperbolic but the second one… Really… WOW…