DCS 2.5.X screenshots...!



Ah @EightBall your screens are always an insperation. I think you also spotted my version of some of your work in one of my last screen shots :wink:


Took the Hawg up on a home brew BAI Mission over southern Iran.

Some British Harriers working the Area with us.

On my second to last Maverick pass I got caught in the cross fire of multiple AAA units and my wing tool a beating. They also managed to snipe my HUD with out taking out any other avionics. Made for an interesting flight home and landing. Thankfully Khasab has PAPI lights, and between those and getting the Hawg on speed with the “Doughnut”, I was able to squeak her in.


Thanks for the kind words everyone!

From the latest batch, a strike mission in the heart of Ayatolla’s territory. Still WIP.

And a gorgeous livery by our fellow Skate:
USN Eagle Dynamics Special Edition


Superb…! The tightly zoomed ones are hard to distinguish from real photos…


Love that close up E2 shot, I mean they are all great but that one stands out to me.



Back to 1993.


Fiddling about with the Harrier, finding out you can, in fact, take off over the Max T/O, and the JPTL will fritz out after max thrust at above 42kft. The moving map display also displays the map area outside of the world boundaries!


Headed north from the Gulf of Oman for a dawn strike against the Iranian Naval Base at Bandar Abbas.


Woh, great job Texac!
I know this has been repeated a few times lately, but…they look like real pics!
I hope this is going to inspire ED for the damage model :smiley:

And thank you guys for the compliments


When editing, I realized that the edited DCS picture looked more realistic than the real image from that crash. The incredible visual… realness of DCS is… really insane. :dizzy_face:

I too hope when ED talks about damage model visualization they think about something similar to this.


Isn’t the real picture a still from film or video, not an actual photo? I seem to recall seeing it in motion from that exact angle.
A lot of detail can be lost in that case which can contribute to its “unreality.”



look ma, one skid!

Trains can jump in DCS :smiley:

-Plays ET theme-

In motion:


Holy jeebus! :crazy_face:
The detailing is insane!


it does look good for a moving target … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Actually it looks too good for a moving target… :cry:


I remember driving these in Microsoft Train Simulator as a 7 year old, they look so badass…

How do you get to see one, they need to be manually placed in the Mission Editor, right?


They’re gorgeous indeed!

Yes, you need to place them yourself and give them waypoints. You’ll also want to create an object exclusion zone if you want to have fun with them in helos, to remove the pylons along the tracks.
One side effect is it also removes bridges…that’s how you get jumping trains :smile:
I’ve put up a quick demo mission if you want:


mmmmmm GE-C44-9Ws