DCS 2.5.X screenshots...!



How’d you get Steal Beasts into DCS World?? :thinking:


ahah, I wish. Especially now that the terrain engine is capable of rendering fine terrain variations like ditches, dry river beds, etc.
I’d love to see DCS: T-72 or something like that.


IIRC DCS Tanks is somewhat confirmed?
Or maybe it was just DCS Abrams?


Only thing i can recall is them seeking some information on the Abrams, but regarding a module, the last i can remember is a statement that it is a good time off.


A few from last night.



lol that last shot, you got such a low opinion of the flogger that you aint even dropping your bags when merging with one :stuck_out_tongue:


Flogger gets fast and stays fast, but it doesn’t turn well, that combined with the fact the tanks were empty and not an impediment on available G meant that yeah, I kept the bags while gunning the schmuck.


empty bags still be draggy AF. Utter contempt. Ivan will have his revenge, mark my words :cccp:


The only Flogger I respect is the Juche Flogger, puny Leninist Flogger is worthy only of contempt and Sparrows.




If you’ve ever flown a Day 1, early morning mission over the DMZ in Falcon 4, you understand the concept of the Juche Flogger.

If you haven’t, then imagine sixteen Floggers in line abreast at 40 miles. Only wait, now they’re at twenty, and they’ve shot at you, only they’re actually behind you because they used the power of Juche to close the distance in the fifteen seconds you used to maneuver defensively, you ignorant, foolish, naïve pig dog Yankee imperialist aggressor.

Glory and Cake to the Dear Leader!


BWAHAHAHAHHHA ok ok I got it…


Isn’t that the very situation that prompted development of the slammer and accompanying chainsaw manouver?


It is, but there are so many aircraft in a small area with no ability to IFF, that you don’t have the time, space, or numbers to effectively do that in the very early part of the normal KTO campaign.


If it comes from the north and is heading south, it gets a slammer to the face, then do a 180 and run.

Wall of MiGs was the term for that. Never forget. Someday we’ll face sh!t like that again…


this just appeared on my yortube randoms… I immediately thought of only one person … :grin:


You see, first, the little 23 pops up on your RWR.

Next thing you know, you look over your shoulder and there’s 4 of them flying in perfect demo team formation gaining angles at a frightening rate. You’re dead before you can reconsider your filthy, wasteful, decadent capitalist ways.



Yeah, I remember that. It was a while back, well…fingers crossed.

Humanitarian flight in southern Iran:

ArmA or DCS?

And an UN skin I made for the Land Rover:


Anyone knows which .lua would need to be edited in order to change the default driver FOV for ground vehicles?
Or what should be changed/added to allow trackIR to control the view when in first person (right now you’re forced to use the mouse)