DCS 2.5.X screenshots...!



Yep, the trick is to land it like an aircraft you see!


So, I’m home tonight, and have beer that needs finishing…


Finally got the A-10C after all these years



Starting to learn the Viggen.

…and I pulled a @Hangar200 on my first landing attempt. I thought I had the thrust reverser engaged, but I was definitely still accelerating…

(nobody tell @Troll)


Well, at least you stayed with your aircraft. :salute:


For the record, I have stayed with a couple of Viggens to impact…evidently I was already dead so couldn’t eject…but that’s not the point darn it! :sunglasses:

I have found that blowing your tires–too fast on take off, battle damage or too hard a landing–helps with deceleration on landing…as does going off the side of the runway…or completely collapsing the gear…or just forgetting to put the gear down to begin with…just some hopefully helpful tips! :slightly_smiling_face:


I seem to spend a lot of time formatted with @Bogusheadbox


I need another drink… :woozy_face:


Wish I was there… What a wonderful rotarian flight that must have been!


I have been working on recreating german Luftwaffe MiG-29’s paint schemes. The standard skin in DCS contains dark blue toned colors, different maintenance indications, bit inaccurate Jagdgeschwader 73 symbol on the tail and a russian pilot in the cockpit.

I have made multiple skins that contain chipped paint on the nose, a false canopy on the bottom, a new pilot texture and more.

I hope to start work on the Farewell USA 2003 and the JG-73 anniversary paint schemes soon.


Wait, we have an option for a slick - wing Fulcrum? How did I miss that?


Probably since the PFM update, for all variants.


Very nice Tex!


Gorgeous pics Texac! is that NTTR or the PG map?


ah shoosh, I just saw your post. Although it’s not ready yet, it would have been nice to test it in MP.
Give me a few days to polish it a bit.

In the meantime, let’s build the hype :slight_smile:


Thank you Andrew! :slight_smile:



Everything is taken over the very far east of the PG map, as far as you can look in the Mission Editor. I know Nevada would be more fitting, but the PG looks so much better to me.



Fiddling around in 3dsmax making a new GBU-38 model.