DCS 2.5.X screenshots...!



Seriously. There are times when I am just beside myself about how much capability we have in a sim that I can fly.



Wow just wow. Is there any post processing going on with these shots or are they taken straight from the title?


These are all unedited, they are only different in game gamma values.


So impressive. Just don’t know how you get the surfaces to look so smooth. Is that a function of something like having a 4k monitor?


I was thinking the same…
The pics look incredibly…I don’t know…crisp?
Very nice pics!


Not all screenshots I take are perfect to me, I only pick those that I like.

There are a lot of things that look out of place in many screens, weird/jaggy shadows (you can even see it in the first one). If you were to make a video of the last screenshot, you would sometimes have shadows dancing all around the cockpit and the pilot.

Sometimes I get too much motion blur effect, cloud or smoke textures bug through the airframe (especially when launching a missile) and glass textures render through smoke.

I play with 1920x1080 on MSAA 4x, DOF on. Maybe the file format. These could make a difference on how smooth they appear. Other than that it’s probably magic only ED can tell us about :slight_smile:


Those liveries are great as well.


Thanks! I’m really glad you like them. Today the 29 also received new skins, the blue Strizhi skins I made.

If ED agrees and nothing speaks against it, the old and only JG-73 skin can be updated, these would also appear in DCS.


Gorgeous pics as usual, Texac :ok_hand:

I was just wondering about those being added to the game, great news :slight_smile:


Tired of shooting at the same ol’ green truck again and again? Would like some more color to compliment the red splatters of your gun run? Look no further!

There’s always a Kamaz Dealership near you.



I know there already is a mod for this, but do you plan to re-skin some of the armored vehicles into desert colors or new forest camo colors as well? Maybe even the new containers, to drop a bomb on.

Tried this a year ago, same with the Patriot system but I wasn’t entirely happy.

I wish we had templates for ground vehicles, pilot models, static objects, fuel tanks, etc. as well.


Actually yes, it’s on my ever increasing to do list.
Keshman’s mod is great but he left out a few vehicles I’d like to do: the HEMTT trucks and a few other support vehicles, the paladin, the T-55 and the T72. I’ll add the ones you’ve suggested to the list :slight_smile:


Yes! That’s great to hear, thank you EightBall!


BTW, what’s the problem with your paladin? It looks nice, maybe a tad too bright but surely a talented skin artist like you can fix that :slight_smile:


They are pixelated quite a lot, not on first sight but close up you should see the problem.


Perhaps, if I would give it a try today, I get better results but I want to work on the Fulcrum, Hornet and probably pretty soon the Tomcat as well.


This actually has significant mission building potential. Precision strike…but you have to find the right truck and wait for it to be clear of collateral damage! Super!


butbut but the TPODs are all black&white! How am I gonna distinguish the red truck from the blue truck? oh… You want me to eyeball those truckers sir? well truck you sir!

Yup, I like it :smiley:


I know, me again but can you believe this? I wanted to create some cool night shots with the Hornet, same I was doing with the Harrier, but I wasn’t sure how exactly I would do this with the Hornet.

First I tried it as a static object but there were problems with DOF. Then I found out that its possible to place the Hornet as a player aircraft on the Tarawa. It’s lightning in conjunction with the moon and the glossy paint scheme of the VX-31 CoNA make it :astonished: to me.


Wow! That’s amazing!