DCS 2.5.X screenshots...!



Bogus' Feeling Protection Zone


ha! I had not thought about this. It’s a great idea!
More stuff for my to do list :sweat_smile:

Going Full Crum on the Aerobatics Online server :slight_smile:


A mixture of @Bogusheadbox @klarsnow and @near_blind


Cool. Looks like that Battlefield 3 mission! :laughing:


Maclean, is that the EWRS script running that shows the EWRS report? Man, that could be a very helpful tutorial on how to interpret RWR gear.


It is that script aye, Believe me and @Bogusheadbox were on the “Through The Inferno” server which runs it.


Yep…that how we used to park them every night on the Oregon Trail…


Oh I like that EWRS! What a great way to keep from wasting time looking for planes in MP coop.

Where can one find that script and is it dedicated srv only or can you run it yourself for a couple of friends?



I think that’s it. Thread date checks out with when it started appearing online.



A quick test. The L39 looks great with Iranian colors :slight_smile:


Sure does!
That an authentic livery?


No, they don’t operate the L39 if I’m not mistaken.


I would happily share it but somehow I’ve successfully broke my L39 module with that skin :no_mouth:
Whenever I place a L39 on the map I can no longer select it after clicking elsewhere.
If I set as player and run the mission, the game freezes, no inputs are recognized, I have to kill the process in task manager.
I don’t get it. If I place as a static object everything is fine.
Even after deleting my skins, uninstalling and reinstalling it’s still broken. I can’t believe it. No more L39.
How the hell did I brake a module with a simple skin?! Is there an award for that achievement?


That’s quite an achievement! :frowning:

Also a shame - the Albatross is bizarrely one of my favourite modules. I hope you get yours back!


I hope too!
DId a cleanup, a repair, deactivated, uninstalled a 2nd time restarted my computer and I’m currently reinstalling it…if that doesn’t I’ve no idea what to do next :confused:

EDIT: doesn’t work…

To hell with it and this damn skin


The L-39 probably didn’t like, that you have painted her in Iranian colors.

No really, I had no fun either when I had to reset my whole system. Luckily I was able to create a backup of all the important things, including the skins.

Next step I would take is to ask for help on ED’s forum.


I got it working!

-Rubs his head against the seat, starts purring-

I told you guys it couldn’t have been my skin. Pfff, so silly. As if a skin could brake a module.

Thanks for the support :slight_smile:


How did you fix it?


It wasn’t the skin that broke it, it was the sanctions…