DCS 2.5.X screenshots...!




Bush flying is a lot of fun in DCS :slight_smile:


Ok that is better then the sandblasted one imho. I love the details like the mud on the flaps!


Flying some BAI in the Harrier over south western-ish Iran.

They have really done a nice job with the reflections in 2.5.


Yeah, the sandblasted one was a bit overkill :stuck_out_tongue:

a quick and dirty video


Looking for lost 2LT’s in Las Vegas before the Company Commander, or worse, finds out they’re lost. Somebody said something about wanting In-N-Out, so we’re on a mission.

Obviously they won’t be here…

I THOUGHT there was an In-N-Out here, from the last time I was in Vegas. But I could be wrong.

So many more spots our poor LT’s could’ve gotten lost, and with no NCO’s to guide them home, this could be dangerous for them.

As you can see, the Captain is NOT amused.

…and then the mission crashed, so to be continued…

P.S. @Toppometer feel free to jump in at any time or with any other ideas.


Do you both have the Yak? I picked it up last night and suddenly I have the flash and shudder…


Ended up picking up the Yak-52 last night. I fully blame @EightBall for this.

I tried my hand at making a little grass strip for a fly in. (Did grass airfields get removed from the mission editor?)


Yup, I’ve got the Yak.


Soon, the entire planet will be flying Yaks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes, looks like they were removed with the last update.
FIrst time I use them since they were added and 2 weeks later, they’re gone :sweat:

It’s a MAD world!

Barely any wear and tear on this one


Testing out @EightBall’s skin. I love the details on the flaps and such.


I was in Vegas for a Red Flag. There was a USMC Hornet squadron there too. When they went to the O’club in their flight suits, they all switched their velcro name tags to ones that read 2Lt Mark Johnson, USMC. It seems that Mark Johnson was the CO’s name…something about plausible deniability if there was any trouble…even the Australian exchange pilot had the name tag.

Perhaps your wayward LTs did something similar. :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad you like it :slight_smile:

I made a few more:


USAF Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron

Arctic and Arctic Splinter Camo

Russian Blue Camo

And a simple black one


Hermann Graf 1943


That looks like a poster I’ve seen hanging in FBOs. I think it was a Spitfire though…


Wow, they are quite similar

Both beauties :slight_smile:


War is Brewing

This is another small preview of a Campaign I’m making on the Persian Gulf map. Still figuring out if I want to use the Hornet or the Tomcat as a base…





@Bogusheadbox, @Tyco and I messing around with some low-level ingress.