DCS 2.5.X screenshots...!



Some Yak pics of wip liveries…for a change
Old and new


There is a reason you never see a bare metal MiG-29.


Took the Yak for a quick first flight - just the standard livery, though. Need to go get some of those amazing skins - such great work, @EightBall! Still, DCS is very pretty these days, isn’t it. :slight_smile:


Air sick

Not in my plane! Bye sucker



PROTIP: If you’re flying the front seat and bail out, you can still control the aircraft. Then you can crash into someone else and absolve yourself of all responsibility!


You mean when flying solo?


Er… Yes. Only when flying solo. Never with more than one person in the aircraft, haha!


ahah, yeah sorry, I wasn’t sure because when flying in duo, you switch back to the plane after bailing out.
Didn’t know it worked in solo :smile:


They fixed it from the last time I flew it, now both my pilots vanish into nothingness upon bailout. After they transition to WW2 RAF pilots! Also, the backseater bailed out in a flat spin and landed on the belly of the aircraft, then vanished.

Glorious motherland delta wood, more strong than capitalist plane of the rotor, make perfect vertical landing in great forest of wood. Make repair parts from tree, fly like true soviet plane of the design.


Guilty of this. Had a B-17, F-4, F-117, A-10 and a B-25 on my ceiling growing up.


First flight in just over 3 weeks. A little rusty but not as bad as I thought (granted, Fly-By-Wire). Managed to stay in formation with the tanker for 30 nm, then tank, hit the carrier for a touch-and-go after flying a marginal marshal plan and CASE I recovery, then back to Batumi.


I’m gone a week and I come back to this. Fantastic!! Love the Bird dog look.


Mine were all on shelves. Between book cases, wall-mounted shelving, and my dad’s old wall unit that looked like it was made of 70s wood paneling, I had a LOT of shelf space.

The one exception was my 1/72 B-52D. That would not fit on any shelf I had.

HOWEVER–I had track lighting by my door, running vertically. I discovered the model could support itself at the wingroot if I hung it from there on the track lighting. So the landing gear was all touching the wall and the plane was oriented with its nose pointing about 45 degrees off straight up.

It literally looked like this emoji. :airplane: Imagine track lighting coming down vertically from where the right wing meets the fuselage. :slight_smile:


I’m building one at the moment and I’m concerned at its ability to support itself via string and I really don’t want it to take the tanker refuelling it down with it lol


How are you mounting? I always used loops of fishing line around the wings/ fuselage to keep the planes in place and had separate thumbtacks holding each side of the fishing line with some separation. Worked for my 1/48 B-17G and 1/72 B-36 without issue.


Pretty much the same. I’ve only had the vulcan fall so far and I had to replace the probe. The 52 is just so wide and skinny that it worries me :joy: I love my kc135 and would be distraught if they did a goldsboro together on the carpet

*It was palomares not goldsboro where the 135 and 52 collided. But you know what I meant…




Just another ‘double ugly’

Just need a Targeting pod…



Played around on Hollo Pointe tonight, @WreckingCrew gave me admin access but I didn’t want to change maps until everyone else was OK with it. Hopped in for some Harrier action tonight, scored some Sidearm hits and slung GBUs. Beat it twice before going to the Gulf and NAVEX for some Bug action!

First run was to stem the tide on the front lines. Mk82s, rockets, gunpod. Slowed up a few convoys til someone else hopped in a Frogfoot to handle that business.

Strike! Cut back on the gas to haul Sidearm, GBU-16, GBU-12, LITENING, and the gunpod. I like my gunpod.

Last win on Back of the Hand! Had some kind of glitch with CCRP while trying to take out the tunnel. Ended up using CCIP to get my bombs on target. Pushed the mission out 20 minutes to land before changing to NAVEX.

I hopped into a Bug for NAVEX and opted for the CAP mission. Default loadout looked good, so ran with it.

These desert runways are long!

Unfortunately, it seems red decided they wanted my peaceful flight to end. AMRAAM out, working on my crank.

You’d think this would be a hit. You would be wrong. Missile had a brain fart and went behind the bandit.

I finally clipped him with a Sidewinder, after tossing another AMRAAM at him which missed and a Sparrow which also missed.

The next dude isn’t getting away from me that easily. I close to 8nmi before firing a Sparrow.

That certainly worked!

This AMRAAM should hit, right?! 8nmi away, should get 'im…

… RNG went “LOL no” and I had to burn another AMRAAM on him. That one connected. That means I’m only hitting 50% of the time with my Sparrows and AMRAAMs, so I apparently need a lot more remedial air combat training.

Thought I could peacefully fly back; there was more action between some other Bugs, F-14s, and F-5s. One of the F-5s clipped the KC-130, but nothing I could do about that. Unfortunately, they decided I was an inviting target…

… But, ah, Mr. AIM-9X had a little something to say about that. So I’m 100% for my Sidewinder hit rate now!

Continuing my route, heading for the boat.

Unfortunately, the boat doesn’t seem to have TACAN on, so I have to use visual acquisition.

Dumping gas and on burners, have to lose 2000lbs of fuel to make landing weight!

Bit low on the ball, partly because I’m experimenting with tweaking my descent rate. I’ve found if I get the fly-to path just slightly above the optimal point of the ladder, I can bring my rate of descent up a bit. Seems to help with my landings a bit more to come down at 600fpm rather than 1100.

2 wire. Figures.

On the other hand, back on the boat in one piece, the jet is usable, and 4 kills!