DCS 2.8 Screenshots (2023)

Close enough. Mk82 in CCRP :smiley:

I used the HTS and TGP to find the SAM, transmitted the Markpoint to my Wingman and he bombed it.

I got the idea when I watched the 10 percent true podcast and Starbaby showed a tape destroying a munition depot in the Balkans with Mk82s from an altitude of over 20000ft


No wind eh?


8m/s at sea level, increasing with altitude. I was amazed that they hit the target


Noice. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:They did a lot of cool stuff with iron bombs backed by high-end computer systems, from the Norden “drop a bomb in a pickle barrel” bomb sights (yeah right!) to the A-6 mechanical bombing computer (“Hit it with your fist, it’s in the manual”) to F-teen fighters and their awesome CCRP/CCIP delivery modes. I guess not everything has to be a ‘precision’ guided weapon and cost $75K each after all.

(It’d be kinda good if the folks in charge remembered this, since in the latest two sand-colored wars we’ve been in we spent a lot of fancy, expensive munitions blowing up cheap pickup trucks and such.)


That was some good advice, this was very satisfying!

Went back to the fighting the 29 and while I did get a couple of what I’ll charitably call ‘maneuver kills’ (which really were most likely the AI getting so bored of going in circles that it crashed itself into the ground), more often the fights ended up like this.

They did last longer though, which I’m going to take as progress.


WW2 sandbox testing again.

Scramble from Hawkinge to intercept Ju-88s going after a supply convoy.

One hell of a deflection shot.

I haven’t seen this trick before.

Jugs raiding U-boats harbored in Calais.

I got super lucky with a direct hit.

I have the AAA set to not fire below ~200’ AGL to make the sandbox more forgiving for training.


I’m really glad that DCS allows more tweaking for AAA. I remember flying across the channel in one of the the low level missions in the Blue Nosed Bastards campaign, and taking a one shot one kill hit to the kisser just before going feet dry.


talking about campaigns. how do I know guys, if a particular campaign is ‘up to date’ ? all of em are? or how are those campaigns updated in relation to DCS updates?

You have to do a little footwork. Find out where the campaign is discussed (usually the ED forum or the dev’s Discord), go there, and read a bit to find out if there are show stoppers. To be fair, a lot of users either don’t RTFM, or don’t keep up with the aircraft subject material, and blame the campaign dev for things which are out of their control. Usually, there are work-arounds. Or, if you are enjoying the campaign and a bug is preventing you from progressing, you can just edit your logbook and move on to the next mission.

In the case of Reflected, Greg does a pretty good job of updating them, within the confines of DCS. In other words, if an update to the sim breaks a campaign, there is not much he can do. Which is the same for any campaign designer.

Take the Blue Nosed Bastards campaign. There has been a bug with the Mustang for years which makes the carburetor fresh air intake not function in the aircraft. There are two simple work-arounds, one a quick LUA edit, or the other is to map an axis. You won’t see the control move in the cockpit if you do the latter, but it works. It’s the difference in about 25% more power above critical altitude, and determines whether you live or die when doing bomber escorts. If you don’t know about it, you might blame Reflected that the missions are too hard and that he favors the Luftwaffe. Which is not the case at all. With that control fixed, the Mustang is a completely different animal and it makes the campaign enjoyable. And it’s a fantastic campaign that shouldn’t be missed if you are into WW2 flying.

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Finally had a little time to try out the VSN F-4BC. It’s very rough around the edges, but has massive potential. It’s pretty nice in VR too.


I’m liking the EE.


thx. didnt really expect Reflected’s campaigns to be less than good in regards to updates as they are still active.

on the other hand was surprised that Apache600’s campaign was on the latest changelog. quite old campaign still kept up to date.

but next to Reflected’s Blue Nosed Bastards, in eshop, is B&W’s Charnwood campaign and this one, together with their Spit campaign, is not even listed on ED forums. that is strange imo.



oh thx, didnt expect it under ED :slight_smile:

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It’s the early 1980s and Greece and Turkey are pushing each other’s buttons. Greek Mirage F1CEs patrol over the Island of Cyprus.



I just took this module up for a spin last night. First time doing cold start, then had a blast navigating with all the different radio, TACAN, and GPS tools on this aircraft. Very nice flight model, feels good but am no real pilot myself. Takes a while to climb though due to one small engine and I didn’t even have anything hanging off the pylons. Nicely done module for early access.


One thing I forgot to mention about the MB-339 module. They have weathering effects modeled with this aircraft. By that I mean in this mission I had made, I had set up temperatures in the colder realm early morning after having looked up what average temperatures are in Cyprus this time of year in early morning. If you don’t have the air conditioning set properly, you start getting frost on your canopy which is pretty cool. If you also look closely at the pics I have above, you can see the frost developing on the nose and the wings and fuel pylons from the cold up high. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing there…pretty cool IMHO.


That happened to me in the JF-17, canopy completely frosted over - had no idea what was going on and crashed and burned. Then I RTFM…


nice, didnt know. is this modeled on warbirds too?