DCS 2.8

Yeah I think so too, I sent a message and will help tomorrow in a video call so we’ll figure it out


Awesome. I would love to help by writing up a detailed post outlining steps A-B-C, but I’m away from my PC this week, at least one hotfix behind, and would hate to miss something and mess things up.

Scoop, if you have the Reverb G2, I think you’ll really like OpenXR. On mine, with Motion Reprojection forced on, it seems much much smoother in the cockpit. Without MR, or in SteamVR, when I move my head the text in the cockpit seems to stutter a bit. With OpenXR it’s like butter!


I did have OpenXR Tools for WMR installed at first, but the reprojection + DCS equalled hang/crash (with current DCS open beta).

So I uninstalled OpenXR Tools for WMR (from Microsoft), installed OpenXR Toolkit (third party), and everything works now.


I noticed that too. Thought it was just me.


@Freak I also have a G2 and this is what I have done:

Have the latest OpenXR runtime installed -OpenXR now available on the Microsoft Store for Windows Mixed Reality | Windows Central

In OpenXR Tools set the WMR runtime to OpenXR - Microsoft Apps

In Windows Settings, (Mixed Reality, then Startup & Desktop) ensure the option to automatically start SteamVR is off. There shouldn’t be any need to delete SteamVR.

I didn’t install Open Composite because there is already a ‘openvr_api.dll’ in my DCS/bin folder.

Add ’ --force_enable_vr --force_OpenXR’ to the DCS.exe shortcut (I created a new one on my desktop just to be sure.

I also read at least one article that suggested making sure it was all working OK before installing OpenXR Toolkit. That will be my next step.


Thanks for the help and the tips everybody! @Scoop and I just set up OpenXR on his machine and it went flawlessly.
We did not go with OpenXR Toolkit yet, but we will switch to that if there are problems going forward.
For now we just did:

  1. Install Windows OpenXR Tools from Microsoft Store (with SteamVR removed, there was no need or option to set it as default runtime)
  2. Create a DCS shortcut with --force_enable_vr --force_OpenXR added to the ‘target’ box after the DCS.exe path

When we set off to test after that, I realized that the Discord/Nvidia bug could cause degraded performance (not sure if Discord fixed that yet) so we followed the workaround as provided by Nvidia for that, just to be sure: When Discord is open in the background, graphics card memory clocks will not reach full speeds | NVIDIA

Had a nice test flight in the Huey on Aerobatics Europe Marianas after that. Being the Peter Pilot I am in the Huey, I left one of the skids on a palm tree, but did land in formation at the end. Scoop is a smooth lead pilot and a great instructor.


I updated yesterday - now my DCS World installation has stretched to 326GB! Without mods. That’s a little bigger than FS2020 (at 257GB). It’s a good job I recently replaced my 500GB SSDs with 1TB sized ones.

Now for the real test - VR performance. Have to say, my VR performance in the last 2.7 stable version was the best it’s ever been in v2, so here’s hoping.

oh, forgot - can someone please remind me which folder contents need deleting to replace the shaders?
Seem to remember fxo being one of them. Actually, I rename my ‘old’ config folder on every big update, so that bit is taken care of already. I also have no idea at all about this SRS integration thing. I got all the bits together (I think) but never got round to it.

later: Okay, one short flight around Cyprus in the F-5E and I can relax! Used the CG multiplayer mission and flew at 800-1400ft and 350KIAS over towns and trees (which look way better than those horrid things in the Caucasus map) and using my Index it was very smooth - but the odd micro-stutter, nothing to worry too much about and barely noticable :slight_smile: I had flat shadows on which I see causes problems in 2.8, so will change that.
fpsVR showed an average framerate of just under 60fps with my Index set to 120Hz refresh rate. The graphics graph was mostly green on the ground, with orange bits when airborne - the CPU graph was always well into the orange sector - but at least that isn’t red! :+1:

You can see the micro-stutter bits in the cpu graph, with the regular red lines:


on a different note

is this a thing in DCS, or is it placebo or some custom scripting?

or pure

its magic GIF by Adult Swim

Repositioned and ready to engage the BTR, I was this time able to spot it, however, it was far too close for a Vikhr anti-tank missile shot so I switched immediately to the 2A42 30 mm cannon. Three bursts into the APC and it was on fire. However, crew from the APC disembarked and began firing at me so I dove for the ground and made a tight turn back into the target zone firing a barrage of rockets.


@Freak did a fast and efficient install of open xr - dictating in easy stages for a person with little brain and no computerspeak. He clearly knew exactly what he was doing and why.

The result was noticble as soon as I started dcs. The loading bar has always been shown two or three times slightly offset from each other. This has now gone. Likewise no stutter at all during the load. No need to close your eyes during the load. Load speed is much faster.

The airfield fence shimmers, but overall it was a vast improvement looking out at the world. Using the Marianas map the display was smooth*. FPS was 50/60 whereas I would have expected 30/40fps before. Getting into a stable hover then flight reduced the fps by about 5. Looking at @Freak in his Huey didnt have any effect on fps. Tonight might be a big training session on Low Level Heaven so ten or so Hueys in formation, firing gatlings will test my system.

I look forward to reading about the effects of using the tool kit. Most of all thanks to everyone for their advice and @Freak for his time and advanced knowledge.


I am fairly regular on Rotorheads and I’ve never seen that. I’ve been similarly shot at by a separate group while engaging a technical. But… I usually fly the Mi24 so I didn’t have eyes one what might have been really happening. Would be nifty.

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Well done. And you also probably (inadvertantly) solved an issue for me as well…

Last fight night I was having all sorts of trouble with (what I thought was) my G2 and Discord.


You guys are brave. Before starting DCS, I reboot my PC to ensure nothing extraneous is sucking memory or cpu cycles.


I hadnt thought about that, but I do it anyway. :slight_smile: computer is turned off after use


I really, really, reeeeeally, want a DCS: Battle of Britain to go with this map!

Please, @wagmatt!


Me too


Ok just getting back to you all about what fixed my low frame rates in 2.8.2.

First, as Troll pointed out, I had to force OpenXR with the command line option. I then put Windows Mixed Reality back as the default OpenXR renderer and bade farewell to the layer upon layer of nonsense that is WMR in SteamVR.

There were two options that made a huge difference to my frame rates (and ability to have enough overhead to record flights):

  1. Terrain textures had to be set to “Low”

  2. TacView recording: I had to uncheck the “Enable” in the “Flight Data Recording” section.

These were the two that did the trick. I also turned off terrain shadows, since “flat” is allegedly bugged now, but I didn’t see a huge difference in this in testing.

Edit: me three on DCS: BoB! :heart_eyes:


Any guestimates on the Heatblur F4 being released. My wonderful wife :heart: is buying it for me for Valentines day. I offered to get her the Combined Arms module but she went for jewelry instead


Odds are not on or before valentine’s :rofl:


Valentines day 2024?