DCS 2.8

They were probably the F-111 drivers from Lakenheath looking for a little extra-curricular help to win the navigation competitions.

Yessir major, I know INS drifts and we are supposed to take our time to do radar fixes on that lake before entering the mach loop, but my navigator is just so sierra hotel, we don’t need to make that maneouver!


We used it on a boat, circa 1984. Made the crossing from Jupiter inlet to Bahamas - and it even worked!

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And if you had a teenage girl in the family the cord was really long - so it would stretch into her bedroom.


My old man was a tinkerer. He had such fun pulling wire all through the house, troubleshooting the four leads needed per phone/intercom and getting an internal house phone switch going. We’ll never have to scream up two flights of stairs for the kids to come to diner honey!

Yup. By the time he had it remotely workable, my sister and me were old enough to tell time by ourselves and didn’t need yelling at anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

In the end, cordless phones became available. Crackly, noisy and staticky, especialy if the washer was going, but far better than the old mans’ wires which hardly ever worked correctly.

I’m a right chip off the old block, but I’m not inflicting my tinkerlust much on my family :wink:


I used Decca


DCS World

MT. Created a special MT mission uploading mode decreases mission opening time
MT Export viewports corrupted - fixed
MT. VR, Aircraft are missing cockpit tooltips - fixed
MP. Crash when trying to control static via command panel - fixed
MP. Crash when 052B Destroyer use target lock - fixed
MT.Random stretched cockpit/resolution - fixed
МТ. Hypoxia effect visual is broken - fixed
Fixed: Smoke and craters from explosions flicker and lag in TV Mode of Targeting Pod

Flaming Cliffs 3 by Eagle Dynamics

MT: flankers DL displays all targets at same speed and height - fixed

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

Fixed: TGP TV picture has extremely high brightness lvl

DCS: A-10CII by Eagle Dynamics

Quick Start missions A-10C II updated for correct use ARC-210 radio

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics

Fixed: COOP Rockets always falling at <4km
Fixed: RWR don’t see radiation from an azimuth of ~270-300 degrees
Fixed: Cursor on TSD desync between PLT and CPG
Fixed: COORD page desync after CPG`s detach and attach again

DCS: Mi-24P by Eagle Dynamics

Fixed: cockpit fan animation effect is missing

DCS: P-51D, TF-51 by Eagle Dynamics

Fixed: TF-51 canopy close keybind opens canopy

DCS: M-2000C by RAZBAM Simulations

Fixed: Broken Aux ADI, IDN, G-Meter, Altimeter switches

Known Issues:

FPS hit with many bullet impacts over time

RWR stops registering contacts with multiple clients ( high priority but needs more time for fix )


Working on my carrier traps in the Tomcat

It’s hard work but I’m getting there :sweat_smile:

Edit: very proud of that :unicorn: :smiley:


Nice. Who’s grading your passes? We found the in game LSO is not very accurate. Especially regarding the Tomcat he doesn’t recognize on speed at all.


Discord bot with some modifictions to make it more accurate. Not ideal but pretty nice


I love me some Greenie Boards. I’ve been using this but it only displays grades in the last 3 months.

Recently after the 17MAR patch my Tomcat grades have gone screwy with no-grade EGIW remarks that I’ve never gotten before.


Yeah EGIW is something I get a lot lately I think it happens when you’re not in mil when you catch the wire but I am not 100% sure because I think I have gotten EGIW a lot lately even when I was pretty sure that I was in mil power

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Something feels changed in the Tomcat behind the boat. It’s much harder for me to keep a consistent glidepath. I wonder if they tuned the burble.


might also be the wing rock at high AOA/slow speed

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Not so much the wing rock in my case as much as the AoA being incredibly unstable and a wild float about 0.5nm behind the boat, but no sink at the ramp like I would expect from a typical burble.


DCS Open Beta

DCS World

  • Current User Aircraft Mods crashing in Multithreading version - fixed
  • RWR stops registering SAMs with multiple users - fixed
  • Scripting: fixed crash on output to log with formatting symbols - fixed
  • MT. Crash when aircraft was removed immediately after its spawn - fixed
  • MT Supercarrier. Signal wands lights and Hold back bar invisible - fixed
  • Crash flying AH-64 Aggressor ‘MiG’ Threat instant action NTTR mission - fixed

Anyone care to venture an opinion on the MB-339? I bought the Mirage F1 but only done 2 flights since, I’m struggling with motivation atm, though I always enjoy sim flying, it hasn’t relit the fire I hoped it would - maybe sometime in future.

Anyway, I had the IFE MB-326 and 339 for FSX/P3D, which were good enough, also have it for FS2020, so I’m not concerned about the quality - just whether it’s got enough character. Is it fun to fly ground attack with (I saw it has Durandals - my fave A/G weapon!) and is the navigation interesting? Does it feel underpowered? Is there enough info already, i.e. a manual of any kind, or training missions?

Thanks for any info :slight_smile:

PS - forgot the most important - do you recommend it?!

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I recommend it. I’ve had a lot of fun with it so far. Manual is 278 pages and does have a lot of clear information on the systems but remember it is still early access. There are of course plenty of “how to” videos out there by flyers showing the systems and how to work them for the MB-339. Here are some videos of perspectives from other people as well.

Do you fly “Stable Release” or “Open Beta?”


I can’t help you on the MB-339 questions, but I would love to take you for a flight on Enigma’s Cold War in the Mirage F1. That should relight your fire!


@Freak Love to crash in on some Mirage time. Mind if I join?

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I happen to be available in half an hour if that would suit you!

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