DCS A-10C II Navigation/ILS Questions

Hey everyone. I have been flying a little A-10C II lately and playing around with the navigation and radios. And I have a couple of questions for the community.

  1. ILS. I can get Glideslope and HSI indicators to react but I get nothing on the ADI? I was looking at Chucks guide and following the steps but (for the Tonopah Test Range airfield) I am not getting any yellow/amber bars on the ADI to follow. Weird? Just me? Or am I missing a switch? I do select ILS on the lower front panel (TCN is off). I saw/read mention that the yellow bars are ‘flight director’ indicators and maybe I am supposed to toggle that somewhere?

  2. UHF ADF. I get a signal, the light is illuminated, but the (1) needle on the HSI doesn’t seem to track/point to the source. I have TCN and ILS off. Is there another switch?

  3. VHF FM ADF: Seems ‘worse’ that what I am getting with the UHF ADF. I get a lamp, but no matter what I do with the radio (on/off, DR, etc) - it stays illuminated? Maybe I am just not waiting long enough?

Here’s the disclaimer. It has been awhile and I am not at my gaming computer right now so I can only hope this is correct.

(1) I am pretty sure that in order to have the ‘needles’ on the ADI the ILS switch must be selected. Additionally, move the switch, I think labled “PTR” on the navigation source switches from “stowed” to “able.”

I might have the names wrong, but I remember struggling to get the ILS working and that was my solution.

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Thanks @wingman1387! I will give that a try tomorrow!

Yes, what @wingman1387 said. Also make sure the wind is blowing in the right direction otherwise it might not work either.

Of course you can select TACAN and ILS in parallel and use them in conjunction to intercept the glideslope.

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Thanks @wingman1387 and @Derbysieger! That got me past the ILS ADI needles. Now I just have to figure out the ADF … which is, I think, a problem on my end setting up the units. I will look into that soon and get back to anyone following :slight_smile:

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