DCS Air to Air Refueling

A little video guide / tutorial I put together offering 10 tips and techniques to improve your aerial refueling in DCS.


(Joke no longer made sense…if it ever did)

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Awesome PSA there dude! If I made a follow up video to yours it would be short, entitled, “Practice” [then practice a lot more] - just as you said.

The challenge here is one of the things that make this sim fun for me. I still wish it [AR] was even more realistic [harder]. Then just put a “easy button” in there for those who do not want that; best of both extremes.

Great summary Chaz. Concerning hardware, I found that using the firmer springs in my VPC base helped a bit. I prefer the cams without center, but with the curved extension, it was hard to determine subtle directional input through the grip with the default springs. -Cheers

Oh I saw it. But I was in transit at the time and couldn’t get in a witty response. Although this is (mostly) a family show so I’ll just :speak_no_evil:

Thanks! Yeah as challenging as it already is, I’d like to see more detail such as the basket dancing around like it does in the real world, fuel spray, and for ridiculous realism, the sine wave issue that can cause a broken hose as it did for this Tomcat. Gonky or Ward, can’t remember, talked about it. If you plug too fast, it causes a sine wave going to the tanker and back and :boom:

Yeah I’ve got the WarBRD and Mongoos CM2 grip with a 10cm extension. Love it. Still using the stock springs and cams after a few months. Later today or tonight, I’m going to switch them out with the stiffer springs. I don’t know if you recall in my video, at the end when I was flying the A-10C… wow, the ailerons/rolling moment is SUPER sensitive on my setup. Had a helluva time keeping the wings level.

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