DCS Aircraft Trim

How do you know if your aircraft has a Trim function. I believe not all aircraft have this function.I have just started on the A10 (FC3) and thought I could trim but nothing. Went to see if the bindings were up the creek but ok I did set the from Keyboard to Stick. I set the trim on the top hat ( X56 ) but still no go.

Pretty much all aircraft have trim for at least one axis, except maybe the Polikarpov. DCS likes to auto-assign the POV to the X56 top hat, so if you added trim to that same hat, the POV commands might be conflicting with it and causing nothing to happen. Could that be it?


Nah tried that will maybe try curves in control. Works on other aircraft ok. Cheers

A-10A should have trim given the A-10C does and all the other FC3 aircraft do, though the A model is the only one I don’t have so I can’t personally check.


Sorry my mistake ok now.

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Could you please always post what the mistake was? Then others who have similar problems as you finding this in the future can get some help.


@ahab I see you “up-Viper’d” this reply, do you remember what the problem was?

So long ago in a galaxy far away, doh, oh yep think I was binding the left top-hat instead of the right one (X52). Had to be something simple. Any chance you saw my post through FB. Am now having trouble with NWS on the Su27. Bindings work ok on the 25,29,33 but not on the 27. Someone said the 27 needs to be steered by rudder but (wait for it) has to have LAlt+q switched , seems a bit strange - still dosnt work in any case. Any ideas Mr Freak.

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I saw it, haven’t had a chance to start DCS in a while but when I do, I will try to see if there is something different about the Su-27. I don’t remember anything specific. I know the Su-27/33 have differential brakes (left/right brakes separate) which I use a lot in taxiing. The MiG-29 has a single brake axis instead.

Thought I had answered this topic before but obviously didnt. I found out the SU27 for some reason has a NWS power unit that has to be started before NWS can be used, and it works in tandem with Rudder steering so no big deal. Why they did this who knows.

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