DCS AJS37 Viggen: Viggen At Sea Mission Pack

With this small mission pack I wanted to create some naval oriented signature missions for the Viggen. All missions involve some element of reconnaissance and strike. The missions are fairly straightforward and represent how I imagine the Viggen would have been used in war. Randomization is built in where possible, so hopefully they offer some replayability from time to time.

Included are:

1 - Pest Control - Anti-ship strike on Soviet Tarantul III-class missile corvettes.

2 - Utan Spaning Ingen Aning - Naval reconnaissance mission to provide target coordinates for a strike on a Krivak-II class frigate.

3 – Big Game - Wing sized attack against the guided missile cruiser Slava.

4 - ÖB:s Klubba - Strike of the E1 Attack Group against Soviet invasion fleet.

Download: https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=193194&d=1535836416

The missions should be COOP compatible. Scripts should adapt to client aircraft (including client reconnaissance). Just go into the Mission Editor and switch aircraft from AI to clients according to your number of players (aircraft that are not taken by humans should remain AI). Important: Remember to switch client loadouts from “RB-04E for AI” to regular RB-04E.


Thanks for the effort will have to check it out!

Ran through the first mission. I need more missiles! Any tricks on getting the wingmen to attack? I gave them the command to ‘Engage primary mission and rejoin,’ as well as ‘Engage ships,’ to no avail…

Both commands work for me. Are you on radio channel 1? They will not acknowledge due to radio silence but should attack.

I’ll double check my radio. I entered the revised coordinates, flew the route to B3, flipped the radar on about 40km out, got some jamming bands from my 2 o’clock so shifted course, picked up three corvette sized vessels and commenced firing. Put 2x into one of the ships, 1x into another. Lots of fire and smoke but didn’t sink either vessel. My wingmen just watched the show, haha.

The Tarantuls need 3 heavy-weight RB-75T to sink, so with 10 missiles among the flight it should be possible to sink all 3 in the best case. But even with all corvettes just on-fire I would consider the mission a success.

The Tarantuls would be more fun targets if they had their full armament in DCS. While they have the 30mm anti-air gatlings, unfortunately they are missing Strela-2M SAMs and they wont shoot their 76mm gun in air defense.