DCS AV-8B Precision Strike AAR

My equivalent of ‘comfort food’ is a quick single player shake-down mission. For the Harrier the one for me is the included ‘Pin Point Strike’ provided mission (it comes with the module). It takes less than 20 minutes, has some fun flying, uses simple weapons and just feels fun. Here’s my After Action Report (flown in VR, played back in track - no-one has time for portrait images :slight_smile: ):

Not sure when these missions turned up, but there are a lot of nice default ones. The night-time one is sort of spoiled by the broken NVG support, but do look forward to doing that one as well one day.

Ok, bad guys have a hangar - we make hangar go boom.


So the mission profile is that we need to nose to earth and use the cover to avoid detection from the waiting enemy AWACs.

The Mission Planner shows the target at the end of the valley. Right at the river intersection. Left of town. Remember that…

Ok, let’s go get set up. We’re heavy, so we’ll need water injection to get off the deck.

The load-out is M82 Snake-eyes and LAU rockets and about 7000lb of fuel.

Oof, kinda low on the take-off. Scared some fish.

Cycle around low and wait for Wingy to form up.

Thinking I’ll be in a rush later I set up the stores. I think this is going to be a ‘one pass’ thing with the valley and the enemy air cover. I set up a pair of snake-eyes to all fall off at the same time. One pass, one shot.

Ok, off to the IP - bye boats!

Gonna put on the radar altimeter and try to keep it nose to earth, using the valleys.

I count 7 13 4E24 trees.

Let’s get right down there. It’s what makes this mission more fun.

There is no direct route in a valley, so where I pop up I try to skim the peaks. Putting that FPM on the edge.

IP in sight, with a bank on to the target valley.

It’s a left from here. I set up for the attack.

Keeping speed high, with the CCIP cross out front of me, I try to balance getting low enough for cover versus being able to see the target. I prefer the CCIP because I have no time to mark up a target for a level AUTO CRP drop and intend to do this visually as I fly over WP2. Let’s hope they marked that in the right spot. I try to check with the DMT, but it’s pretty heavy trees down there.

Here’s the bad guys, waiting for us to show up. The white hangar is the primary target.

Mainly just Anti-Air but no sign of much SAM activity as yet.

Running in.

Bombs away. They seemed like they don’t want to see me.

I’m out of here but suspecting Manpads at least. Mash that counter-measures.

Yay! One less hangar in the world. Target destroyed.

A bit of splash damage, but mainly just what we came for.

Spend the rest of the mission getting out of dodge low. Lots of fuel to spare.

The enemy take a look in our direction but ultimately don’t bother even to get down low.

Hide and seek.

The guy not hiding.

Ok, made it back. Now to get back on the boat. Break turn.

Always requires a bit of attention.

Hmm, go left a bit.

Yeah, not that much left.

Good enough. Let’s not talk about the center line.

So yep, a fun simple mission. Might be good to play with 2 players, or add some fighter support. Plus probably much better at night as well.


RIP Baby Milk Factory…

Hot dog this image is awesome…


For me…that sentence ends with “…because CCIP is far less difficult to screw up than some guided or computer controlled release mode…”

Nice to see a target buried in the treeline like that. I love it.

Sweet mission - nice shack on the target. I’ll bet that was fun. This is a bad thing. This will keep me from getting any work done tonight. Not that I’m doing any work. I’m messing with Strike Fighters .ini settings. LOL…


It could be adapted for 4 players. Heck, we could rally up the Mudspike bunch and try it out! :slight_smile:


Easily :slight_smile:

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Loved it. Screen number 14 is a keeper.

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I’m in!


I know a guy that is a whizz with the DCS editor and could make this mission MP, plus add some things for more player roles. I can’t reveal his name, as his identity is top secret.

So will you do it @Fridge? :slight_smile: Would love to try it in a group.


Thanks! This one, where I try to brush my hair with a fir tree?

(The forum software checks images in posts and compares it by content, so showing this copy doesn’t take up more space or anything)


That’s it fearless. Bad a…


Did anyone convert this mission yet? I’d enjoy flying it with you gents.