DCS complaints

Newbie - Where are we supposed to submit our grievances about faults with modules. I am only on training missions and can take off ok. On the second mission I had to fly through a series of green hoops which I did but was expecting a “well done mission accomplished” but nothing and I flew off into the horizon… As the trainer tells you by text in the top right hand corner to do the steps necessary wouldnt it be better if you didnt have to wait the obligatory 1min before his next instruction, its pretty boring if you know what to do upto a certain point. Cheers

Hi Ahab, Mudspike is not the best place to complain because you’d only be sounding off to friends who share a hobby, not people who might actually change something for the better. Express your frustrations by submitting a detailed and unemotional bug report to the appropriate forum belonging to the developer in question (ED, 777, etc)


Username checks out.


CTRL-Z, SHIFT-Z LALT-Z to control time to get to the part that you want/need.

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