So I got moved in to my new house after a few days of transition and unpacking, sat down to fire up the DCS, and got this:

Not really upset about it, just kind of funny that I can fly every plane except the Harrier. Internet guy shows up on the 9th…

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Harrier is the only one with the new DRM I guess?

One thing I didn’t really see discussed much about the new DCS DRM was more about the offline activation that Starforce used to do. The basic sequence of events are:

  1. You are offline. You try to activate online. It fails.

  2. The DRM sees this but offers you a unique ‘machine signature’ code. Essentially a paragraph of text that is encrypted but made up of the same machine identifiers the online stuff uses, i.e. BIOS id, CPU id etc. It asks for a ‘offline key’ but you don’t have yet, so…

  3. On another computer (say your phone or work, as you’ve scribbled the machine sig down or took a phone photo of it etc) you can go to dcs.com/activate (just made that up) and then sign into your account. Against your AV8B key you hit a button called ‘Offline Activation 0/3’ (you get three goes, but it resets each month or something).

  4. You type in your machine signature and get back a funny offline code in the above web page (that you again took a print of or you are reading from your phone etc) .

  5. You use the offline code on your offline computer and it gives you 4 more days of activation, you can now play.

So essentially you have an ‘online but not your machine way to activate’ but you are doing it on something connected rather than your machine. The license is still just tied to your one computer this way. You can do it on your phone or a work computer (the ‘machine signature’ can be time encoded to last a day for example).

So forget making the ‘DRM timeout’ 30 or 90 days etc, but just replicate what the Starforce/Proactive had already. It would pretty much make everyone happy enough.

I’ve not been following what’s going on over on the ED forums, so maybe they plan to do this anyway. C0ff seems like a smart guy, and if you are going to implement your own serial key DRM then this doesn’t seem too much of a stretch…


On the bright side it doesn’t look like I’m missing any updates. Spring break is the 9th, hornet maybe?


Had that happen to me the other day. Closed DCS, restarted it, everything back to normal.

You have the PC wallpaper of President Reagan on a velociraptor, don’t you?

OMG that’s just ridiculous.

We ALL know this is better…


Close, it’s Trump on a velociraptor.

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LOL. I’ve got a lithograph of President Reagan on the wall behind my simulations PC.

80s Kids…

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